Neon Oasis

2It was finally the weekend and my friends Olga & Will invited my bestie Derek and I to the local swap meet. I absolutely LOVE flea markets so I was so excited to finally visit one here in Vegas. It was so beautiful out (what else is new haha) and while looking through my clothes to find what to wear I came across these AWESOME vintage neon orange pants I found at Retro Vegas a few weeks ago. They are my first vintage pants ever because every time I find them, they either don’t fit right or are too tight (thanks booty). These were the perfect fit and didn’t even need alterations! I had to wear them and originally had this idea to wear them with this really cool colorful vintage shirt that had a Pucci kind of print but wanted to keep it simple since I was just going to the swap meet so I just wore a Tommy Bahama silk ivory top. I was feeling tiki so I also wore some vintage wooden gems to match my new vintage wooden basket weaved purse which I also found it at Retro Vegas. To top off my Island girl themed outfit I wore my cheetah print Louboutins and my new vintage cat eye sunglasses. Perfect outfit for a perfect day and comfortable too! Even better, I was able to finally wear my Shien Forbidden City Lipstick which is the best shade of orange I have ever put on my lips. It matched my pants perfectly.

I didn’t find much at the Swap Meet but I did find some cool vintage jewelry and still had loads of fun. I really love that my Vegas friends take me to the best places. They are such a huge part of the reason I have transitioned so well here. See my outfit and my Swap Meet Finds inside! Continue reading

Vintage Vegas: Day 4!

crop4It was my 4th day in Vegas, exploring what will soon be my new home and I didn’t want to leave. I only had 2 days left and was savoring every minute of every moment in sin city. I am so fortunate that best friend Santiago had a plan for every day that I was in town. Every day was an adventure and this day was no different. We are like little explorers always wondering the unknown to meet fascinating people, visit fascinating places, and in my for fascinating things ;) lol. We did all of that and more on day 4!

Dressed to the nines in my Kenley Collins frenchy catsuit from her Pink Lady collection, I was ready to channel my inner vintage Barbie. It was one of my favorite outfits of my trip and god was I happy that I got to wear my new vintage Barbie purse with it! It was the perfect outfit for everything we were set to do. I got to visit some of my favorite folks over at the Bettie Page Clothing and Beach Bash Beach wear showrooms. My best friend and I got to tour the warehouse and meet the fabulous corporate team followed by a delicious lunch over good conversation. It was so nice to see Jan, Tatyana, and Artem and spend some time with them before I was back off to New York. After that my bestie surprised me by taking me to the Stitch Factory, a fashion incubator, co-working studio, and creative education center located in Downtown Las Vegas. I plan to register for their courses when I touch down in Vegas so I can create my own clothing line. That’s right. I plan to create my very own line soon and I am pretty sure I can gain the knowledge I need by attending the Stitch Factory. I met a lovely lady named Jennifer who was super sweet and informative about the studio and the courses they offer. I was sold right away and suddenly my dream to be a designer seemed possible. I had to celebrate so we were off to the Glam Factory to find some vintage goodies! Stephanie, the owner, is such a sweetie pie and we fell in love with her dog lol. I was hoping to find a lot of pieces at her store but only found a cute vintage crop top. She usually has so much stuff but sells out so quickly! I guess when you snooze you lose and I must have been asleep haha! On our way home for a quick cat nap we made a pit-stop to Alternate Reality Comics where I found a cool team Veronica T-shirt lol. They always have such cool comics there. The rest of the day ended well with a chola inspired outfit change in Viva Bandida for an awesome classic car meet-up at Mr.D’s and a visit to the Parisian! Crazy little explorers, I know! Continue reading

Vintage Vegas: Day 3!

IMG_8366It was day 3 of my trip to Vegas and another day full of countless adventures with my best friend Santiago. On this day we visited the incredible Hoover Dam, the adorable Boulder City, the breathtaking Lake Mead, and ended the day with a nice delicious dinner with friends. On our drive to the Hoover Dam I just sat back and gazed at the scenery of endless mountains that looked like paintings. Nevada really is such a beautiful place engulfed in nature. Our first stop was initially Lake Mead but thanks to the government shutdown, we weren’t able to get too close to the lake. We were also afraid it might affect our trip to the Hoover Dam but luckily it was still in business. This was my first time to the Hoover Dam and I was very excited to visit and when I arrived, this 1930′s art deco masterpiece took my breath away. It was so enchanting, it didn’t even seem real. Santiago and I are such nerds and so easily pleased that we were geeking over the deco gold angels that were now an emerald-green due to oxidation, the typography of the bathroom signage, and even the terrazzo floors! For a touristy place it sure was relaxing and I was so thankful that my bestie took me there. After that we headed over to an adorable town called Boulder City where the houses looked like gingerbread and I wanted to eat them all. The entire city was adorned with flowers and the cutest houses I have ever seen! Wondering around we found ourselves at a fun antique shop called Goat Feathers Emporium. I have been to a few antique shops similar to this one, engulfed in antiques and vintage things, so much that you immediately get A.D.D as soon as you walk in. I didn’t know where to begin as I loved everything but I kept myself on a leash and left with just an awesome vintage spanish earrings and brooch set and a bag full of candy :). After that we were off to another antique shop just around the corner called Back in Thyme where we met Hundred-Dollar-Bill, a really nice gentleman who works at the shop and had many great stories to tell. I love meeting people like that, those who have lived such interesting and inspiring lives. The shop had the best collection of vintage petal cars I had ever seen and had hundreds of authentic antique Tiffany utensils. I found a vintage Barbie hat box/purse that I have been lusting over for ages on one of his shelves and just had to have it. It was so meant to be because I had come across a few in my time but none in such pristine condition and at a great reasonable price. I was smitten over the damn thing! And just when I thought it couldn’t get better…Mr. Hundred-Dollar-Bill was so sweet and gifted me 3 photos of The Three Stooges, one featuring Lucille Ball in the beginning of her career as an actress. I thought my day couldn’t get any better but it did when we met up with our friends Daniel, Riannon, and their adorable daughter Mila for a nice seafood dinner.
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Bob Mackie event at Screaming Mimi’s!

15385_10201597201314403_439086037_nLast Wednesday I was off to one of my favorite vintage shops, Screaming Mimi’s, to celebrate the launch of Bob Mackie’s new collection of notebooks hosted by my girl Sammy Davis of I was so excited to see the new line of Bob Mackie notebooks and try my luck in winning one of his vintage runway dresses that was displayed at the Screaming Mimi’s window! When I arrived I was bombarded by the smell of delicious cupcakes and the best scenery of the most beautiful vintage pieces. I was in pure heaven! Sammy did her thing spreading vintage love as we all munched on cupcakes over champagne. The Bob Mackie notebooks were gorg and reminded me so much of the Great Gatsby. They were displayed next to Bob’s sketches that I wanted to take home so bad lolol. I actually wanted to take everything home. Screaming Mimi’s is trouble for a vintage lover like myself. I had just visited the day before the event and bought a pair of springolators from them that were on major sale. I planned to have the sole restored but couldn’t wait and wore them for the event! I also wore my vintage Bob Mackie poodle brooch that was gifted to me at the showroom just a few days before. It was so perfect that I got to support both brands at once for this event. I went drenched in vintage in a 1950s brocade shirt dress, vintage hat and purse set, my leucite springolators, and vintage gems. It was the perfect outfit for the perfect event. I met so many wonderful people (one of them being Lynn Yaeger!) and got to see so many of my friends. Even better, I got to enjoy the whole event with my favorite person in the world, my mom!  Continue reading

Thrifting in the town of Hudson!

IMG_5562Over a week ago my boyfriend and I headed down to Saugerties, New York, to visit his parents. We spent a weekend there which meant we had time to explore the small yet magical towns. On this day we headed on over to the town of Hudson which is on the way to Saugerties. This town is known for being loaded with antique and vintage shops so I was SO EXCITED to get to see it for my self. I was also excited to finally wear my Kenley Collins floral 2pc playsuit from Unique Vintage! I have been working so much, I haven’t had time to dress up and enjoy the start of the Summer and it was definitely a hit in Hudson. Everyone thought I was wearing an actual vintage set lol. I wish I could relive this day over and over with the fun I had. Hudson is a beautiful place full of history that has been greatly preserved. There was magic on every single corner and the houses and buildings were works of art. We visited all of the vintage and antique shops and boy did I find some treasure! Finally; a place just a bus ride away, that has wonderful and affordable vintage and antiques. It is when you travel beyond the overpriced vintage of Manhattan that you discover much better pieces that won’t burn holes in your pockets. I also really loved the characters I met there, many of the shop owners were such fun and fabulous people. I even met someone who was a fan of my blog! She was such a doll and directed us to some of her favorite vintage shops. I took so many photos of everything that intrigued me that I fully loaded my memory card. The antiques were incredible, the vintage was pristine, and I definitely did a little shopping. For all of you vintage explorers out there who want to get out of the city for your own vintage adventure, I narrowed this post down to my absolute favorite shops in the town of Hudson. I have also included images of the amazing vintage pieces I saw and coveted at these magical shops. This is definitely one of my favorite posts of the year and I hope you will love it too! See more of our day inside! Continue reading

Gantry Park & The Long Island Flea

IMG_5462It was a BEAUTIFUL Saturday morning so I woke up super early and put on my Kenley Collins cow print dress to run on over to the new Long Island Flea. I have been dying to wear this dress since I got my hands on it at the Slapback shop in Brooklyn but have been waiting to find the perfect cowboy boots. Alas, I just couldn’t wait any longer and it was the perfect day to wear it so I did just that. The dress was the rave of the Long Island flea market and such a fun little get-up for a great day of thrifting. I have become hooked to these NY flea markets after visiting the Williamsburg Flea just a few weeks ago. These flea markets are probably the best spots in New York City to find great vintage pieces at great prices. It was the first day of the Long Island flea so I was excited to see what was in store but I have to say, there wasn’t that much vintage and more food and beverage vendors than anything. Needless to say, it was still fun and I did snag myself some great vintage earrings and discover great vintage pieces at the Harold and Maude booth. They had a great selection of vintage but the one item that stood out most to me was a beautiful pink 1940s jacket labeled “Nelly’s of San Juan, Puerto Rico”. As a Puerto Rican, this excited me like nobody’s business. This jacket was incredible. It was pink and had a pinup printed collar and buttons. It made me wish I was alive in the 40s to visit Nelly’s in the motherland. However, I was so bummed to find out that it was a size too small and I certainly wasn’t going to force myself in it. Lol, Maybe it will fit when I cut back on the cheeseburgers and disco fries ;D. Until then, I’ll be styling and profiling in my cow print dress like grade A beef ;). Take a look inside for more on my outfit and the Long Island Flea. Continue reading

Vintage finds: The Williamsburg Flea!

IMG_8914It was a beautiful day in Brooklyn and I finally had a sunday off to do whatever I wanted so I dragged my boyfriend out of bed to finally visit the Williamsburg flea. I have heard many great things about the Brooklyn Flea’s and cannot believe I haven’t been to one till now. Better late than never because It was absolutely perfect and such a great way to recharge my soul because NY really doesn’t have the best vintage shops. In my opinion most vintage shops here are way too expensive and don’t really carry the great styles I see elsewhere. I can’t blame them, the rent here is so expensive, they have no choice but to price their vintage at higher price points. Anyway, If you can imagine, I was in pure heaven at the WillyB Flea, the prices were just right and the vintage and antiques were great. I met some great vintage dealers and purchased some really cool things. I am already itching to go back! I get lots of messages from many of you asking about my favorite vintage stores in NYC, my response from now on will be “Just go to the Brooklyn Flea’s”. Now I just have to check out the Fort Greene and Long Island flea to see what great vintage I will find. I plan to make trips to the flea markets at least once or twice a month because my soul loves it and needs it! Check out all of the interesting things I saw and purchased at the WillyB flea inside! Continue reading

The Manhattan Vintage Show!

IMG_5093Thanks to my good friends over at D&J Vintage, I was able to attend the Manhattan Vintage show with my momma. I went almost a year ago and have been hooked ever since! Though the prices are a bit steep, you are always guaranteed to see great vintage pieces. I always leave with something every time I go and I never attend without my favorite shopping partner miss Mama Vandalizm. She enjoys it just as much as I do. I think this time was our best time at the MVS because we met some really great vintage dealers and got to support our friends from D&J Vintage who had their very own booth for the first time ever! I took many pictures and scoured through many different booths but some of them stood out to me more than most. I met some wonderfullllllll people who had such great personalities that matched their great eye for vintage picking. I went to MVS with no intentions of buying anything this time but ended up with some fascinating vintage pieces that are some of my best to date. Some of my best picks came from the “What was is Vintage” booth. My mother and I received such sweet hospitality and really loved Neal and Judy Bergman. They had exactly what I was looking for and I ended up with 4 great pieces from their booth. First I found an AMAZING brocade dress on their sale rack that fit me like a glove. Then, I found..not one, but TWO spectacular vintage bikinis that fit me perfectly at their booth. I have been searching for the perfect vintage bikini for such a long time, I mean YEARS. Finally I have something to bring with me to Viva next year! As if that was it, I also found a vintage 3 piece playsuit that fit me to the T! It was a quadruple whammy that I got 4 great finds at one booth! It really started off my day of with a smile. After that we went over to the D&J Vintage booth to see my favorite vintagers Jan’ell and D. They have a really great eye for vintage and I realized how amazing they were when I modeled for them a few months ago and saw their collection. I nearly died every time I modeled one of their pieces and wanted to take everything home with me. Rummaging through their racks I noticed some of the pieces I modeled, particularly this yellowish a-line neck tie dress. Needless to say, I ended up leaving with it because I remembered how it made me feel when I modeled it for their shop. I just had to have it and I can now add that to my favorite vintage finds which always end up coming from the D&J Etsy shop. I really adore them as much as I adore their vintage and I hope all of you who attended the show got to visit their booth! After that, I thought I was done. I swore I was done. That is until I stumbled upon the Algamated Vintage booth. My mom and I bought some great vintage pieces from them last year and this year I found an AMAZING dress that had a tribal animal print adorned with tiny sequins. I cannot WAIT to wear it. I have to say, the owners from Algamated are also always very sweet. They have vintage that is earlier than the 1940′s and in such great condition. On our way out I bumped into some familiar faces like Antonio and Sonya Abrego over at Dated Vintage who had an AWESOME Vintage varsity jacket. It was green, reversible, and had the name “Viv” on the front. It was perfect but I had already did my shopping for the day. After making my final lap around the pavilion I was done for the day till I fell in love with a fridge. Yup, my next investment ;). See photos inside of my favorite booths at the show! Continue reading

Viva Las Vegas 16: Day 3!

IMG_4163It was day 3 of my trip to Vegas for the Viva Las Vegas convention and I was excited to fulfill all of our plans! My best friend Derek wanted to show me more of the downtown area of Vegas when we stumbled across some cool vintage/antique shops! I cannot tell you the joy it brings me to discover a vintage/antique shop. I am immediately overwhelmed with happiness like a pirate who has just found buried treasure. The first antique shop we came across was Retro Vegas and boy were we loving the scenery. I mean, this guy had an emporium of antiques and I wanted to take everything with me. There were mid-century tiki bars, Danish Modern tables, dining sets, Patrick Nagel portraits, giant sculptures, and more. I was in Antique heaven and cannot wait to revisit again next year. Our second discovery was Electric Lemonade, an awesome and adorable vintage shop I instantly fell in love with. The two lovely ladies who run the shop are amazing pickers as their selection of vintage apparel was amazing and decently priced. I went into town in there and bought a bunch of cool threads and Derek did pretty well too. After a little shopping we rushed back to the Orleans to go support my friend Tony who was participating in the male swimsuit competition. I mean, come on, I had to come support Tony! And who would want to miss a male swimsuit competition pshhhhh ;). The competition was actually pretty funny and my mother and I enjoyed seeing a bunch of people dressed to kill in there awesome vintage swimwear. Tony ended up in 3rd place but is still a winner in all of our eyes! He is one of the best hair stylists I have ever met and I was sooo stoked that I had an appointment to get my hair did right after the contest. He did a great job setting my locks and let me tell you, my hair hasn’t had that much bounce in years! After a successful day of shopping, sun bathing, and pampering, we called it a night to prepare for Derek’s booth  at the car show. Continue reading

Viva Las Vegas 16: Day two!

IMG_3749It was day 2 of my trip to Vegas and my morning was so sad as I had to bid my family farewell. They were going back home to California and though I wish they could have stayed longer, I was still glad I got to spend even a day with them. I turned my frown upside down when I realized this day was the beginning of the Viva Las Vegas convention! I was so stoked to finally check-in and see some of my west coast friends, visit the awesome vintage vendors, and watch some bands play! But before all of that, we headed on over to Buffalo Exchange again lol! We were about to pass it on our way to see some friends so we just hadddd to come in. I was definitely glad I stopped by as I found some more goodies someone jusssst donated like this cool vintage leopard fur coat, a faux-leather top, polka dot skinny pants, and a vintage dress that had a fur trim on the skirt! I think I spent less than $75 on the whole load which was not bad at all considering the type of prices the vendors were charging at Viva! After my fun little quick shopping spree, I headed on over to see some of my moms friends who were in town. Our friend Zinny has two really adorable daughters I look at as my own family. They are such little animated characters and I wish we lived closer so we could see them all the time. After we spent a few hours with them we were off to the Rio to change for Viva but on the way we noticed a huge fire. Key Largo Casino was in flames :(. The irony is that I was telling my best friend Derek how I loved the old signage of Key Largo and ironically, it was the only thing that wasn’t affected by the fire. Everything else burned down to flames and we wondered if any homeless people were actually living there because it has been abandoned since 2007. It was definitely scary and such a sad ending to such a cool structure. Luckily we were able to drive out of that smog and onto blue skies, back to our hotel room where we were able to rest up, recharge, dress up, and head back out for Viva at the Orleans. Continue reading