Master the retro look for the new year!

Retro Makeup Front Cover SmallThe new year is finally here and this is the time where many of us women start getting that  New Years itch to improve, enhance, or change-up our look and I’ve noticed that many of you have a resolution to achieve the retro look or add aspects of it to your own personal style for 2014. I receive a high volume of emails on a daily basis with questions on how to acquire/master the retro look, questions I wish I could answer all at once as it seems that many of you have a hard time with it. Finally I have figured out how I can help.

3200983617_8a318492b1_oFor many of you beginners, let me explain that I was right where you are when I first fell in love with everything retro and though many of you think I have got it all figured out, I actually don’t and am still learning new tips and tricks every day. What helped me figure out how I could sharpen my skills with my retro look was by reading new and old books on the topic. However, two of the books I have found most helpful has been the Vintage Hair Styling book I spoke about a few years ago and this awesome Retro Makeup book by Lauren Rennells. Her books share all of the tips, tricks, and secrets of achieving the retro look and I can’t tell you how much I have learned by reading them. The Retro Makeup Book is the newest addition to my collection. I wanted to polish up my own makeup skills for the new year. What I find fascinating is that you don’t even have to be into the retro look to apply these tips into your normal makeup regime. Classic makeup is versatile and works with any style.

In my opinion, your makeup and your hair really complete your outfit. I find that even when my outfits are not so great, if my hair and makeup looks amazing, my outfit looks so much better. If you want to polish up your makeup skills, acquire the retro look, or apply these makeup tips to your own personal style, I suggest you invest in these Hrst books.

Here is what you can expect to see from both books:

The Retro Makeup Book!
Retro-Makeup-02 Retro-Makeup-06-1930s Retro-Makeup-09-1950s 07The1950s.inddThe Vintage Hairstyling book!Retro_Makeup_Book_1 pin_curl_hairstyle_ideas_pin_curl_hairstyle_pictures-11 06vintagehairstylespincurl1 10vintagehairstylespincurlback

Now head on over to the Hrst shop and grab yourselves these books to refine your look for the new year!


Viva Las Vegas 16: Day 3!

IMG_4163It was day 3 of my trip to Vegas for the Viva Las Vegas convention and I was excited to fulfill all of our plans! My best friend Derek wanted to show me more of the downtown area of Vegas when we stumbled across some cool vintage/antique shops! I cannot tell you the joy it brings me to discover a vintage/antique shop. I am immediately overwhelmed with happiness like a pirate who has just found buried treasure. The first antique shop we came across was Retro Vegas and boy were we loving the scenery. I mean, this guy had an emporium of antiques and I wanted to take everything with me. There were mid-century tiki bars, Danish Modern tables, dining sets, Patrick Nagel portraits, giant sculptures, and more. I was in Antique heaven and cannot wait to revisit again next year. Our second discovery was Electric Lemonade, an awesome and adorable vintage shop I instantly fell in love with. The two lovely ladies who run the shop are amazing pickers as their selection of vintage apparel was amazing and decently priced. I went into town in there and bought a bunch of cool threads and Derek did pretty well too. After a little shopping we rushed back to the Orleans to go support my friend Tony who was participating in the male swimsuit competition. I mean, come on, I had to come support Tony! And who would want to miss a male swimsuit competition pshhhhh ;). The competition was actually pretty funny and my mother and I enjoyed seeing a bunch of people dressed to kill in there awesome vintage swimwear. Tony ended up in 3rd place but is still a winner in all of our eyes! He is one of the best hair stylists I have ever met and I was sooo stoked that I had an appointment to get my hair did right after the contest. He did a great job setting my locks and let me tell you, my hair hasn’t had that much bounce in years! After a successful day of shopping, sun bathing, and pampering, we called it a night to prepare for Derek’s booth  at the car show. Continue reading

Kustom Voodoo Bows!

37269f3e6c1a11e2af4522000a1f8f13_7I came across Kustom Voodoo bows when I visited one of my favorite pinup shops here in New York called ENZ a few years ago. Every time I would buy a dress from Mariann’s shop I would end up leaving with one of these bows. I kept buying them like candy and just recently I got my hands on a few more! I am so in love and can’t wait to wear them. I can see I am not the only one digging them, judging by how many of you commented on this photo I posted via instagram. So to share the love with you, Kustom Voodoo is offering you all 25% off by using the promotional code “VINTAGEVANDAL“. Check out her selection of carefully and creatively crafted hair accessories that will make you swoon by visiting her shop!


Pip Jolley’s Whimsical Nostalgic Jewelry!

Pip Jolley is a UK-based pinup/jewelry designer who is inspired  by fragments of tales once told. Breathing life into old and ornate objects Pip prides herself in manipulating found objects to create delicate hybrids of jewellery.  Pushing the boundaries of wearability, from silver hair rollers to time capsule cocktail rings Pip is able to express her eccentric mix of abilities in jewellery design by taking all kinds of risks. I was completely psyched on new years eve when I received a cute little Pip Jolley box with her signature silver roller earrings from her 1940′s inspired “Joanne” collection. I was even more pleased when I read the card and Pip explained how I was a big influence on her collection. That alone meant the world to me but I cannot even fathom taking even a little credit for a woman born with such a whimsical and fun imagination. What I love about her “Joanne” collection is that I can relate to paying attention to the details of mid-century women who took pride in grooming themselves from their shades of lipstick to the shapes of their pin curls, from their tiny little compacts and lipstick holders to their half mooned nails. Pip Jolley takes great inspiration as I do with all of these little details people overlook or do not see at first glance. I also love that there is edginess to her designs. If I could walk out every day in rollers, a leather jacket, cat eyes, and red lipstick..I totally would. There is something so sexy and chic about a woman with rollers in her hair, pin-up style with her sassy cat eyes and a sultry red lip. It is a pin-up staple and just never goes out of style. This is why I am so happy to share with you Pip Jolley’s little trinkets of art. Continue reading

Help me with my tresses!

Thank you for your input! Decisions Decisions!


Jazz Age Festival at Governors Island!

I FINALLY made it out to Governors Island for the Jazz Age festival. I have been invited many times but something would always come up so I couldn’t miss this one and I am glad I didn’t. I attended the event with my friend Michele of House of Savoia and my gal pal Ingrid and we had a grand ol time. I felt like I was in a time warp; right back in the 1920s. The ladies were dressed in shapeless 20s dresses and pearls and men were in suits and boater hats. I wore one of my best vintage pieces; a playsuit that could pass for 1920s along with a turban, vintage broche, and snake-skin Jessica Simpson shoes. I finger-waved my hair and wore my 1920s wig as a half-wig (I don’t expect you all to understand the technics of my hairstyle lol). Michele went in a very dapper suit, spectators, and a polka dot tie. He is always very fashionable and has exquisite taste. Ingrid went in a 1950s vintage dress and really cute wedges. I styled her hair in victory rolls and complimented it with one of my vintage hats. We were all dressed for the occasion and had such a wonderful and peaceful day at this gathering. I will definitely attend the next one and I suggest you attend too! Check out more details and photos inside <3 Continue reading

My friend Ingrid gets Pin-ed up for Easter!

Ingrid Campos is no stranger to, she is a really good friend of mine and I hardly go anywhere without her. As you saw in my previous Easter Bunny post, Ingrid and I did a shoot with a Good Bunny/Bad Bunny theme. Well lets just say Ingrid’s pictures and look came out so great it needed to be put in an entirely separate post. As I said before, I am exploring the realms of photography and have been having fun with it. Not only was I the photographer of this shoot, I was also her hair, makeup, and wardrobe stylist. Ingrid is the perfect little pinup who exudes charm and it shows in all of her photos aside from that bright smile. Ingrid as a pinup is a side people rarely get to see and I am glad she is comfortable exploring an entirely different culture that is Rockabilly. Care for more? Check inside ;)

Continue reading

Natalie gets pin-ed up!

A lovely lady by the name of Natalie Madera commisioned me to give her a retro pinup look. Natalie has wild curly hair but thankfully I was able to tame her mane and create a great pinup hair-do. I gave Natalie Victory Rolls and curled the rest of her hair in the back. To accent her hair, I added fabric flowers and it was a great finishing touch. I also did her makeup and gave her a classic pinup cateye with my Avon liquid liner, Pinch-Me blush by mac, false lashes by Ardel, and a classic red lip with a gloss finish. She looked beautiful!

My dog Rex has a crush on her <3 lol

you go girl!

Tommy Guns Salon

While walking around the lower east side I came across a beautifully 1940s decorated salon called Tommy Guns. I was in awe of the place and couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw it. The decor was so exquisite I couldn’t resist doing a post about it. Everything is authentic vintage. Tommy, the owner of Tommy Guns was really friendly and informative about the salon. Tommy traveled here from london and brought the essence of the 1940s with him. At some point I want to head out to the salon to get my hair done, maybe get something inspired by the 1950′s that I can’t do myself. I would love to have the experience of feeling like I am stuck in a time warp while getting my hair done. I am so happy places like this exist in New York, it makes me feel more at home.

Here is a little bit more about the salon along with photos:

Tommy Guns lower east side has replicated the vintage design of the original soho salon in london england, formed in 1994. The design, drawing on the feel of a traditional barbers, adds to the indulgence of the haircutting experience.

Classic barber chairs in leather upholstery, nickel, mirror & glass cabinets, marble floors & counter tops together with vintage lighting, set the salon apart from the rest. Whilst the salon plays up the authentic, old fashion image, the upscale service provided is geared towards a modern lifestyle.

Despite the old school barbershop appearance, the salon caters to both men & women, who we feel deserve something beyond today’s unisex or overtly trendy salons.

The Tommy Guns team is a collective of full time & session stylists, collaborating with the biggest photographers, makeup artists, designers & models in the business. We have built a reputation over the past 16 years since the company was founded, consistently striving to ensure we remain synonymous with our philosophy of laid-back professionalism to achieve effortless style.

Tommy Guns Salon

138 Ludlow Street

Between Rivington and Stanton

New York, NY 10002