How to achieve the perfect Bettie Page waves

You guys have been asking me for YEARS to do tutorials and I have tried a number of times but really didn’t have the courage to complete one until now. I may not be camera-shy but I am definitely video shy and you can tell in the very beginning of this video that I am nervous haha. I also didn’t know how to properly shoot or edit video until now. Alas, I bought a cool camera, the Fujifilm Finepix X100, and spent the last month learning how to use it so I can take… Read More

His Vintage Touch is coming to Las Vegas!

  Professional Hair Stylist and vintage extraordinaire Tony Medina, also known as His Vintage Touch, is going on tour and will be teaching a hair styling course here in Las Vegas for Viva Las Vegas! You absolutely do not want to miss this course. Tony is a genius and GODLY when it comes to styling hair and I know I don’t want to miss his amazing tips and tricks that will make my life a whole lot easier. If you want to know how to recreate his amazing vintage hairstyles make sure… Read More

My 1st Retro Style & Beauty class at Amberjoy’s Vintage Closet!

Last month I was given the opportunity to teach my very own class on Retro Style & Beauty thanks to Amber at Amberjoy’s Vintage Closet here in Las Vegas. I was nervous when I was given the opportunity as I have never taught a class before and wasn’t sure if I was even really ready to teach as I am learning new techniques every day but I coughed up the courage and decided to do it anyway. It was finally the day and I was running around like a chicken with its… Read More

Master the retro look for the new year!

The new year is finally here and this is the time where many of us women start getting that  New Years itch to improve, enhance, or change-up our look and I’ve noticed that many of you have a resolution to achieve the retro look or add aspects of it to your own personal style for 2014. I receive a high volume of emails on a daily basis with questions on how to acquire/master the retro look, questions I wish I could answer all at once as it seems that many of you… Read More

Viva Las Vegas 16: Day 3!

It was day 3 of my trip to Vegas for the Viva Las Vegas convention and I was excited to fulfill all of our plans! My best friend Derek wanted to show me more of the downtown area of Vegas when we stumbled across some cool vintage/antique shops! I cannot tell you the joy it brings me to discover a vintage/antique shop. I am immediately overwhelmed with happiness like a pirate who has just found buried treasure. The first antique shop we came across was Retro Vegas and boy were we loving… Read More


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