NOIR By Lars Kommienezuspadt

If you follow me on instagram (@vintagevandal), then you have seen the amazing images Lars Kommienezuspadt has taken of me. I recently shot with him at my friend’s place and it was probably one of the best shoots I have ever had. He was really great to work with and I felt super comfortable with him. He just knows all of the right angles, gives great direction, and just knows how to capture the best of you. I have only seen a few images thus far and they have all been absolutely incredible… Read More

Retro Barbie!

It was finally the weekend and I spent most of the day shooting with my friend Daniel because my job needed employee photos for their website. We always take really good photos together, we are like a dynamic duo here in Vegas. After shooting, we spent the rest of the day cruising around Vegas, had lunch, and just relaxed. I thought shooting was over till we decided to take photos of the actual outfit I wore that day which is certainly one of my favorites. My entire ensemble is from and… Read More

The Cat & The Caddy Shack!

A few weeks ago there was an open house in the neighborhood for this infamous house called the Caddy Shack designed by Palmer & Krisel in 1962. This is the same duo who designed the house I now live in with my best friend. This particular home is more Avant Garde than the other models they built and the owners have done a great job making sure it has stayed in its original condition all of these years without some mumbo jumbo coming in to modernize it. I was excited to see… Read More

Desert flowers

It was yet another lovely day in Vegas so my bestie and I decided to go cruising around town. We like to drive around our beautiful neighborhood sometimes to see the pretty houses and whilst getting lost in our wanderlust we came across an intersection of the golf course that was adorned with flowers. It was so pretty so I took a moment to document the outfit I wore on this gorgeous day in Vegas. I went through my archives and found a vintage dress I haven’t worn in ages that fits… Read More

Gollo’s Annual Cholo Party at Beauty Bar!

Every year my friend Greg has a really huge cholo party at Beauty Bar for his birthday where everyone dresses up as cholos and cholas. He is mexican so this is his way of celebrating and/or introducing his culture to everyone in Vegas. It was a lot of fun and I had been anticipating this party for a while so I could tap into my inner chola. Everyone dressed up for the occasion and his best friend DJ Maybelline (who is also one of my good friends) played some cool west coast hip… Read More


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