Neon Oasis

2It was finally the weekend and my friends Olga & Will invited my bestie Derek and I to the local swap meet. I absolutely LOVE flea markets so I was so excited to finally visit one here in Vegas. It was so beautiful out (what else is new haha) and while looking through my clothes to find what to wear I came across these AWESOME vintage neon orange pants I found at Retro Vegas a few weeks ago. They are my first vintage pants ever because every time I find them, they either don’t fit right or are too tight (thanks booty). These were the perfect fit and didn’t even need alterations! I had to wear them and originally had this idea to wear them with this really cool colorful vintage shirt that had a Pucci kind of print but wanted to keep it simple since I was just going to the swap meet so I just wore a Tommy Bahama silk ivory top. I was feeling tiki so I also wore some vintage wooden gems to match my new vintage wooden basket weaved purse which I also found it at Retro Vegas. To top off my Island girl themed outfit I wore my cheetah print Louboutins and my new vintage cat eye sunglasses. Perfect outfit for a perfect day and comfortable too! Even better, I was able to finally wear my Shien Forbidden City Lipstick which is the best shade of orange I have ever put on my lips. It matched my pants perfectly.

I didn’t find much at the Swap Meet but I did find some cool vintage jewelry and still had loads of fun. I really love that my Vegas friends take me to the best places. They are such a huge part of the reason I have transitioned so well here. See my outfit and my Swap Meet Finds inside! Continue reading


Jas-Nylon-5 SMAs a comic lover, collector, and once illustrator..I love anything with a comic print. I am completely biased when it comes to this sort of thing. Just recently, Forever21 released a Marvel collection that I fell absolutely in love with and I nearly bought everything. My favorite pieces is the Spiderman Crop top and comic legend leggings. I wore them both together just the other day for a fun evening visiting downtown with friends. It was a coincidence that my mother gifted me an awesome comic stripped bow while I was in NY last week that looked perfect with my ensemble even though it was Batman. Back to Forever21, I also bought the Marvel body suit but this outfit is a little easier to wear out haha. Anyway, even though I wore a Batman Bow, Spiderman top, and comic leggings, everything matched together seamlessly. I even got to wear my new Love Cortnie “POW” Clutch from the NYLON Magazine shop (they have the cutest stuff!) I have been dying to wear since I received it last week! Cortnie creates fabulous clutches that appeal to all types of fashionistas regardless of their style preference. This bright yellow leather comic themed clutch literally screamed my name and tied my outfit together effortlessly. I am so in love with it so you can expect to see it on my blog at least 100 times this year. The inside lining is even a comic strip! Wearing this many prints can easily be overkill without the right accessories but I am pretty brave and pretty good at adding subtle elements to my outfits to avoid looking crazy haha. The only subtleties of this outfit was my black Maryl Christian Louboutin pumps, and my purple Karen Millen Leather jacket. Don’t know how I made this work but I did and my awesome/talented photographer friend, Daniel Rodriguez, was able to capture it all! Who knew an evening to the arts district would turn into a full on photo shoot?! Glad it did because you get to see all of the vibrant colors of my outfit! See more photos inside. Continue reading

Warby Parker’s Vintage Charm

betterIt was another sunny and beautiful day in Vegas and I was dressed to the nines inspired by our (my best friend and I) new 1960s Palmer and Krisel designed home and its vibrant color scheme and atomic shapes. I can find inspiration from anywhere but I noticed that living here makes me want to dress in color all the time! Vegas is such a beautiful and bright place to live and though I love to catch some sun, sometimes the sun is really strong and I need a little shade. It has become a necessity to add a pair of shades to every one of my outfits and as of recent, I broke my favorite pair of 1940s vintage shades that I wear with everything. Many of you vintage lovers out there understand my pain when I tell you that I nearly cried in a fetal position when I broke my favorite vintage shades and there was no way to repair them because trust me, I tried. I even searched ebay and etsy for a similar pair but didn’t have any luck at all until I discovered these Daughter of Pearl Warby Parker Aurora shades that look almost identical to the pair I broke but better! I love the Marbled Acetate frame and the dusty rose faded lenses and have been wearing them to death since I got my hands on them. They are my new favorite go-to specs and since they are brand new, I don’t have to worry much about them breaking due to age. They look good with just about everything so I wore them on this day with my Diane Von Furstenburg dress, Maryl Christian Louboutin red pumps, and my kissable lips purse. It was the perfect retro-modern outfit and my sunnies gave it that extra touch of fabulous! Check out how I sported these darling vintage inspired shades inside!

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Breakin hearts!

TWOIt was my first Valentine’s day in Vegas and I was asked to host an awesome annual event called The Broken Hearts Show. I was pretty nervous as I had never hosted a show before but I did awesome and the show was a huge success! Everyone enjoyed a burlesque show by La Rosa Muerta and rocked out to the Black Mambas, Will and the Hi-rollers, and the amazing tunes played on the 1s and 2s by DJ Lucky, Gallo Negro, Omar the Kid, and favorite pinup girl DJ Maybelline. I couldn’t believe how incredible this event ended up turning out and Beauty Bar was the perfect venue for it. Everyone danced till the sun came up, the ladies looked lovely, and the gents were howling like wolves. I wanted to break some hearts myself that night so I wore my new silver lurex top and pants by Bernie Dexter, my new lips purse I purchased at Buffalo Exchange a few days earlier, my leather jacket, and candy apple Maryl Christian Louboutin pumps. I was definitely in the spirit (I always am, even if I don’t have a valentine) and can’t help my adoration for this red and pink themed holiday. Who says V-day has to be about celebrating your relationship with someone else? Hell, you can celebrate the relationship you have with yourself! So in honor of one of my favorite holiday’s and one of my favorite artists, I decided to incorporate Curtis Kulig’sLove me” tags in my photos to celebrate self-love <3. So here’s a toast to being your own Valentine and treating yourself on this special day!

See photos of the event and my outfit inside! Continue reading

Red Rock-n-Rollin!

photo 3Hello my loves! I know I haven’t been posting as much as I usually do but I am still adjusting to my move to Vegas and my new job. The good news is that I am transitioning a lot better than I thought. I don’t think I have EVER been this happy in my life. I know everything happens when the time is right but gosh do I wish I could have moved a lot sooner. Everything I ever dreamed of while I was in New York, I have achieved in the 2 months of living in Vegas. I have a great job, I have been modeling with great photographers, I am surrounded by like-minded people, and I now share a BEAUTIFUL 1960′s home with my best friend Santiago. Dude, I have so much closet space and my own home office! I would have had to work 1000 times harder in NY to have that. I promise you that they lied when they said NY is practically the only place for opportunities. They lied when they said it was the only place you could follow your dreams. I am living proof of that. You don’t have to struggle to achieve greatness, you just have to be BRAVE. You have to be willing to unnattach yourselves from your comfort zones and complacency. I was so scared to run back to New York and can’t believe that I am now saying I will never go back unless its to visit my friends and family I miss very much. I have literally been having the time of my life here in Vegas and when I am not working, traveling, partying with my friends, enjoying my new home, or visiting cool towns, I am indulging in the beautiful scenery of Vegas’ vast desert and mountains. I love seeing the mountains here and a few weeks ago when Santiago and I were cruising around our new neighborhood, we decided to visit Red Rock Canyon to celebrate moving into our new home. Sure we could have had dinner and drinks but Santiago and I like to live a very unconventional life so Red Rock Canyon seemed like a rad idea and a great way to absorb the beauty and essence of Vegas. I was floored by the scenery as I had never been there. The entire dessert looked like a beautiful painting. You almost question if it’s real or some movie setting haha. God, the world is such a beautiful place and there is nothing better than being surrounded by nature, land, and mountains that hasn’t been destroyed by buildings, money, and greed. I wasn’t necessarily dressed for the occasion as it wasn’t the initial plan of the day but I was prepared for a little mountain hopping thanks to my H&M flats I always bring with me. Hell, I was in my new Miss Bana Loubies! Check out the scenery, my new home, and my fun ensemble inside! Continue reading

The Container Park

IMG_9688There is so much to love about Vegas. My best friend told me about this place called The Container park that was made from recycled truck containers and I didn’t know what to expect. Finally I had to chance to see it for myself with my friends a few weeks ago and was blown away. When I got there I was so impressed with their concept of creating a shopping attraction out of such random materials. The place is practically a work of eco-friendly art and an exciting shopping attraction in downtown Las Vegas that I enjoyed very much. There is an assortment of small boutiques, galleries, bars, eateries and outdoor spaces as well as entertainment and education programming and located in the epicenter of the park is a playground where children can play.

Situated on the southeast corner of Fremont and Seventh streets, Downtown Container Park spans approximately 19,000 square feet with a mix of 30 shipping containers and 41 multifunctional modular cubes forming its perimeter. Each cube is a steel-framed structure that measures 250 square feet and can easily form a variety of portable configurations. If Downtown Container Park were ever dismantled, the cubes could be used for other things – such as a construction office or concession stand – and would never wind up in a landfill. How brilliant is that?

The sign that stretches above the front entrance is made out of a gray and orange shipping container, and also functions as a bridge — guests can walk through and view all the action on Fremont Street from large window-like cutouts of the letters that spell “C-O-N-T-A-I-N-E-R P-A-R-K.” Even the three-story elevator boasts a shaft that has been fashioned from a shipping container. And how could I forget the amazing praying mantis that blows fire from its head that looks like it came from a burning man convention.

I enjoyed browsing through the shops but some stood out more than most. Allow me to give you a virtual tour of the Container Park and the amazing time I had with my friends before we were off to the Neon Museum. Continue reading

Viva las Christmas Eve!

1It was Christmas Eve and I wasn’t really in the Christmas spirit because it was my first one away from my family. I was bummed but I told myself that I could either stay home being all emo about it or make the best of it. Plus, I had the most beautiful Bernie Dexter dress and Niccococo Starburst hair flower sitting in my closet just waiting for the perfect moment to be worn and this was that day. So I chose to go out and have a grand time with my newly extended family here in Vegas and it was the best decision I made. My friends Derek and Yocelin really made my Christmas special and we had such a BLAST. Our first stop was our friend Ralph’s house. He always throws the best little parties at his amazing retro pad and keeps it full of the most interesting people. I can’t tell you how amazing it is to be a part of such a tight-knit community of people who love the 50s and 60s just as much as I do. Every time we go to Ralph’s, we always know their will be great tunes, boos (for those who drink), dancing, and good conversations. He kept my Christmas spirit going when I saw his beautiful tree and it surely wasn’t the last I would see that night. We went off to the Bellagio’s atrium to see the amazing Christmas set up they have in their garden. It was beautifully decorated to the nine’s with reindeer, giant nutcracker, gingerbread houses, snowmen, and the biggest Christmas trees! It was so beautiful and made me wish my mom was there to see it. I am hoping I can bring her this year. Christmas could have been tough but I spent the day with my wonderful friends and got to visit some wonderful places. I felt blessed and it was all I could ask for. Continue reading

My Dia De Los Muertos Birthday Celebration!

IMG_9381November was a crazy month and I had no idea if I would even celebrate my 27th birthday on the 9th, because I barely had any time to pick out an outfit, send out invitations, or make reservations. However, my family and friends weren’t having it and told me to get some rest, put on an outfit, and get my ass out of the house to celebrate it before my big move to Vegas. They took care of everything and for once I didn’t have to do anything and I certainly couldn’t say no. Hell, I was overwhelmed with gratitude that my friends/family wanted me to truly enjoy my birthday. That night still puts a smile on my face every time I think about it. It was surprise after surprise and I didn’t have just one cake but 3 CAKES. One velvet cake from my dad, one beautiful Day of the Dead cake from the girls at work, and one giant cheesecake from my friend Lourdes so needless to say…I got cake wasted haha. I celebrated with my family at my mother’s house first and spent the rest of the night with my friends and my sister. I was SO happy that my little sis was able to join me and it really was the highlight of my night. Many times I can’t take her with me to places because she isn’t 21 but that doesn’t mean she can’t wine and dine with us!

Since its been a tradition to celebrate my birthday on or close to Halloween, I decided to go with a Dia De Los Muertos theme this time around which went perfectly with the decor of Empellon Cocina, a restaurant my friends and I went to just before heading to The Blind Barber. The dress code was to over-dress and look your best and boy did my friends look GORG. I wore a beautiful Betsey Johnson dress I have been anticipating wearing for the last 3 birthdays and it really was worth the wait. I initially wanted to wear the dress with a black flower crown but didn’t have time so I just created a headpiece out of bobby pins and fake flowers from Michael’s lol. To play off the nude and black colors of my outfit I wore some cool Leg Avenue stockings that had cute lace detail and for makeup I went with a maroon smokey eye and dark maroon lip. To complete the look I accessorized by wearing black jewels, a bronze vintage clutch, and my nude glitter Christian Louboutin Jenny pumps. The outfit turned out quite nicely for something I didn’t really plan out. Everything turned out perfect. I had an incredible and memorable time and I couldn’t be happier with the realization that I have such amazing, genuine, and loving friends. Continue reading

Kenley Collins “Marilyn Monroe” Collection Launch at Slapback Brooklyn!


Image by Bryan Sansivero

A few weeks ago was the launch of Kenley Collins new Monroe Collection at Slapback in Brooklyn, one of my favorite rockabilly shops in New York. Of course I had to attend as I absolutely LOVE Kenley Collins and her amazing designs. I also love being able to see my friend and Slapback shop owner, Renee, whom I have adored since the first day we met 6-7 months ago. Renee and Kenley are 2 peas in a pod and I love hanging with both of them. Anyway, I have been anticipating the launch of Kenley’s collection when I saw her a few weeks prior to the event and she told me all about it. Not only is she an incredible designer but also a FIERCE singer/performer. This woman is a RIOT and it was awesome to see her do a live performance at the shop alongside red-hot Laura Rebel Angel. I had a blast and invited my friends Lourdes and Christina to check it out and we all left with something. Christina fell in love with the Kenley Collins pants and left with a pair and I bought the whole outfit and the checkered dress which fits like the cowbell dress I purchased a few months before that. I was so happy to add more Kenley Collins pieces to my collection. Every time I wear her pieces, I always get compliments. Everything she makes is a staple piece every girl should have in her closet. My friend Lourdes bought a cute top after driving my friend Renee crazy. I can’t really bring her anywhere lol, but everyone has that one friend who is a major pain in the butt. Another highlight of the day is that I met and shot with an amazing photographer named Bryan Sansivero just before arriving to the event. I was blown away by his images of me. I wore a vintage suit, belt, hat, shoes, and cat eye glasses and my own outfit shots don’t compare to his so I didn’t even bother including them in this post. Check it out inside. Continue reading

The Manhattan Vintage Show 2013

IMG_9215Well HELLO my loves! Sorry for my hiatus. I was just in LA last week and finally landed in Vegas just a few days ago and with this move and traveling I haven’t had much time to catch up on my blog. With that said..You may see some posts I probably should have done a month ago haha. This is certainly one of them.

A few weeks ago, might even be a month ago, I was feeling really sick but did not want to miss the Manhattan Vintage Show before my move to Vegas. So I put my big girl panties on and ran over to the show right before work so I could see some of my favorite people at some of my favorite booths. I only had two hours before I had to clock in to work but I made the very best of it. I got to see my friends Daniel and Janell at their D&J Vintage booth, Neal and Judy Bergman at What Was Is Vintage, Carla from Carla and Carla, and some of the lovely folks at Amalgamated Vintage. I also got to meet Jean Paul Gaultier! He was awesome and let me take a photo of him. I noticed him right away as I was admiring the beautiful vintage hats at the Go Vintage booth. I didn’t do any shopping this time around but I did see some really cool pieces I wish I bought! Allow me to show you around.. Continue reading