Vintage Fashion in Movies

One of the most popular scenes from The Devil Wears Prada is when one of the main characters, Miranda, played by Meryl Streep, explains to one of her uncaring employees as to why fashion is so important–not to her, but to society. In the film she tells this individual that even though she acted as though she had no interest in the fashion industry or in the outfits she wore daily, the fashion industry was responsible for pouring billions of dollars into the economy and providing thousands of people jobs. Moreover, every… Read More

Le Palais Vintage

Dazzling pinup, Winny Queen, has just launched her very own clothing line Le Palais Vintage. Her pieces are absolutely gorgeous and takes retro style to a whole other level with glamorous pieces that exude 1950s glamour. Le Palais Vintage has its own “je ne said quoi” and stands out amongst the rest because her pieces are a lot different from the rotation of the same silhouettes and patterns offered by most retro companies. One of my favorite pieces from her collection is this polka dot romper. It fits me like a glove and… Read More

PUG goes to Japan (Day 3&4)!

It was our last two days in Japan shooting for “World’s Amazing People” via Fuji TV and for day 3 we had another early call time since we would be visiting Mt.Fuji, a mall, a theme park, and a gorgeous hotel before heading to Narita. I was excited to see Mt.Fuji and had a little bit of fun exploring the mall near by where I got to see some cool shops and get some last-minute souvenirs for my family while the cast were shooting. Amazon Eve needed to dress warm so I… Read More

PUG goes to Japan with Amazon Eve! (Day 1)

YOU GUYS-I got asked to go to Japan by Pinup Girl Clothing (the company I work for) to style Amazon Eve of American Horror Story “Freak Show” for a show called “World’s Amazing People” run by Fuji Tv! It was last-minute but boy was I excited as I have always wanted to visit Japan ever since discovering the street style book “Fruits” long ago when I was a fashion major in School! It made the trip better that I would be styling a character from one of my favorite shows too! I… Read More

Boom Box Bombshell.

I wanted to do a fun little shoot that really embodies who I am and what my blog is about and who better to bring out my vision than my talented friend and pro-tographer Daniel from DMR Depictions. My friend Kenley Collins is an amazing fashion designer who continues to break the mold of traditional rockabilly style and I recently got my hands on one of her pieces which was a romper with a cassette tape print. It was love at first sight and a really great piece that speaks to me… Read More


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