Express your independent style with BPC!

Captain_Red_FlareWant to look fabulous for the 4th of July but don’t have a clue what to wear? Don’t fret. I am here to save the day. There are LOTS of promotions going on this week for Independence day but my favorite is the Red, White, and Blue sale at the Bettie Page Clothing store. Right now BPC has such a wide range of red, white, and blue dresses and separates that you won’t need to look anywhere else to find an outfit that suits you best. You can literally create a whole outfit by visiting a Bettie Page store because they have a variety of accessories to match all of their apparel. I definitely find myself running there when I don’t have time to look for an outfit because I know I can find something fabulous in one shot without having to scour different stores for hours. I LOVE to dress up for holidays so you can expect to see me in the BPC Nancy dress this week. It is perfect for a week of fun events and happens to be one of the styles that is on sale right now at the BPC shops. To help you find the perfect look that suits you best, I have compiled a bunch of my favorite styles from the Bettie Page store that will have you feeling fabulous and festive this holiday. All of these pieces are available online and at your local BPC shops and many of them are a part of the Red, White, and Blue sale! Continue reading

Film Noir Star.

IMG_0244I haven’t done an outfit post in a while and the irony is that I have worn really great outfits but have been too busy to document them. Luckily on this casual day, I finally took the time to take some shots of what I wore thanks to my good friend Queena. This outfit wasn’t anything crazy but I really love my new vintage film noir print button down. I collect vintage button-down blouses that have unique prints and this one has got to be one of my favorites of my collection. The print features a Film Noir collage of great vintage films like The Gilded Lily, The Second Hour, Devil May Care, The Scarlet Empress, and more!. You can find some of my favorite classic Hollywood influences like Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor, Marlene Dietrich, and Claudette Colbert on this amazing blouse and that makes me love it even more. For $20 on ebay, this is definitely a steal and something I will treasure forever as you don’t really find tops like this anymore. I wore mine with Levi’s jeans, a simple brown belt, a cork clutch, and my cork Christian Louboutin Pigalles. I also added my favorite vintage cat eye glasses and my new vintage earrings from D&J Vintage. Simple and chic for a day of work and play. Continue reading

The Fitting Room Confessionals!

IMG_3447The other day I met up with my good friend Nubia in the city for a walk around the city which included a few stops to a few stores. I don’t shop nearly as much as I used to anymore because I have so much stuff, but every now and then a little window shopping turns into a jackpot. Some of you may remember my old “Vintage Finds” posts where I would showcase all of the new treasures I found whilst thrifting. I used to spend hours taking photos in each and every item I bought showing you how I would potentially style it, but it was too much work and felt more like 10 outfit posts in one. I am so happy and relieved that I purchased a vintage Betsey Johnson mannequin because I saved myself from the hassle of dressing and undressing myself and the self-timer setting lol. Anyway, you dolls used to LOVE those posts and I think I need to resurrect them but in a different more hassle free way. So after a conversation with my friend Nubia that day, she gave me a great idea to start something called “The Fitting Room Confessionals”. The idea is to take pictures of everything I try on in the fitting room and talk about why I love or dislike it. It is also an opportunity for me to show you my tips/perspectives on shopping. In this post/case there were no casualties as I ended up taking everything home, but It is what I found that makes it so special… Continue reading

Winter’s coming but it feels like Spring <3

It has been quite a while since I have done an outfit post but I have been way too busy lately, so busy that I haven’t had much time to even post at all. Alas I was off today for Thanksgiving and decided to wear a dress I recently found at a thrift store that my mom ended up taking pics of while we were taking a stroll around my old neighborhood. I have been dying to wear this wool plaid dress. It reminds me of something Vivian Westwood would create but it is actually by Kal Kaur Rai. I couldn’t believe I found such a statement piece here at a local thrift store in the Bronx but I am not complaining. It only cost me $7.50! I probably should have saved it for fashion week but decided every week is fashion week in my life, I am sure I will cook something up when it’s time to cross that bridge. Anyway, it was beautiful outside. The leaves were falling from the trees but it felt like the beginning of spring. I was able to walk around without my jacket for most of the day until the evening when the sun started to set. I wanted to channel the punk rock style of the 70s with a 50s touch. I love to clash eras and create outfits that work. Leather, plaid, and studs are all signature staples of punk rock style and since my dress reminded me of the queen of punk fashion Vivian Westwood, it felt oh-so-right to pair it with my Christian Louboutin spiked pumps, Agent Provocateur gloves, and Betsey Johnson studded purse. I also wore cuban heel hosiery by Leg Avenue. All in all, It was an all around win and if it got too cold, I carried my scape by Theresa Dapra and my buckle boots by Steve Madden. I always like to carry an extra pair of shoes. My friends make fun of me because they say I change from heels to heels lol. I had to bring my boots because my shoes were open toe and we all know those type of shoes are meant for spring/summer but I didn’t care. Cheers to being fashionable and comfortable on a beautiful day like this one. Continue reading

What’s new pussycat?!

Whoaaae wwwhhoaa wwwhoaaa! Sourpuss is my newest obsession for vintage inspired threads and accessories. You dolls know I am a sucker for anything rockabilly so I was pleased to find a shop that gives me my weekly dosage of rockabilly goodness at reasonable prices. What really anchored my interest was their Coney Island dresses and accessories. I am heavily inspired by Coney Island history so I love anything and everything pertaining to the subject. I have never seen CI dresses and accessories like this before and was so excited I had to get my hands on a few pieces. I snagged a dress and a makeup bag IMMEDIATELY, have worn the hell out of it ever since, and couldn’t be more satisfied and happy..So much so, I see myself going into severe debt within the next few weeks. I love the vintage Tillie Steeplechase Coney Island print of this dress and the cute contrasts of the flaps over the bust. I also love that this dress is comfortable and a little shorter than most of my dresses so I look a bit taller ;). It comes in green, coral, and blue but coral was my definitely my color and of course I had to have the makeup bag, I plan to even wear it as a clutch! Check it out!

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Betsey Johnson Final Sample sale Goodies!

This last Betsey Johnson sample sale was very bittersweet for me. Although I definitely hit the jackpot I am sad that this is the last time I will probably get the chance to buy Betsey Johnson’s last best pieces before it all goes to Macy’s. There was another sample sale a few weeks ago but I was only able to go and shop the 2nd day because I was working like a mad woman. I bought 4 rompers at that one. This time I decided to go big and left with triple BJ goodies and even some of her fixtures. It was so scary to see the BJ showroom walls completely naked and the stores with big “going out of business” signs. However, I was able to nab myself a gold dress form, one I used to dress when I worked at the store almost 6 years ago. It goes well with my BJ sunglass showcase I got years ago too. I never thought in a million years that I would take one of those dress forms home. I even left with Betsey’s signature rose print fabric in which I plan to turn into curtains and a table-cloth, or maybe an outfit? I am just happy that I got to take a bit of Betsey history with me. It is truly heartbreaking that my favorite designer is out of commission. I still believe that if Chanel and Donna Karen can come out of bankruptcy, Betsey can too. I can only hope she comes back and with a bang! I just feel fortunate that I have enough Betsey threads to last me a lifetime. Check out all of my new goodies inside! Continue reading

Vinny’s Retro inspired swimwear picks under $100!

When I checked my analytics recently I realized one of my most popular posts was about affordable vintage inspired swimwear. Ironically, today I received a request from a friend to do another post just like it so I figured it was a sign to help you gals find the perfect summer swimwear that won’t burn a whole through your pockets. It is very difficult to find the right vintage bikini that doesn’t show wear and tear, need to be tailored, or one that isn’t so overly expensive so many times we need to resort to vintage reproduction pieces that may not be so rare but are still as special because they are brand new and made to fit. I scowered through some of my favorite websites to bring you my favorite picks of retro inspired swimwear to fit your budget and your body type. Many of these pieces also come in plus sizes and I have also included playsuits for you gals who want more of a beach outfit and less of a swimsuit. Check out styles from Shabby Apple, Asos, Top Shop, Playful Promises, and Bettie Page Clothing inside! Continue reading

Betsey Johnson Sample Sale this NOW!

I know I am late in bringing you gals the news but I have been super duper busy. There is a Betsey Johnson sample sale going on till monday and you dolls should take this lovely day to go and shop for gems! I stopped by very quickly yesterday and bought a few rompers! Go check it out at the Broadway Millennium Hotel.