Breakin hearts!

TWOIt was my first Valentine’s day in Vegas and I was asked to host an awesome annual event called The Broken Hearts Show. I was pretty nervous as I had never hosted a show before but I did awesome and the show was a huge success! Everyone enjoyed a burlesque show by La Rosa Muerta and rocked out to the Black Mambas, Will and the Hi-rollers, and the amazing tunes played on the 1s and 2s by DJ Lucky, Gallo Negro, Omar the Kid, and favorite pinup girl DJ Maybelline. I couldn’t believe how incredible this event ended up turning out and Beauty Bar was the perfect venue for it. Everyone danced till the sun came up, the ladies looked lovely, and the gents were howling like wolves. I wanted to break some hearts myself that night so I wore my new silver lurex top and pants by Bernie Dexter, my new lips purse I purchased at Buffalo Exchange a few days earlier, my leather jacket, and candy apple Maryl Christian Louboutin pumps. I was definitely in the spirit (I always am, even if I don’t have a valentine) and can’t help my adoration for this red and pink themed holiday. Who says V-day has to be about celebrating your relationship with someone else? Hell, you can celebrate the relationship you have with yourself! So in honor of one of my favorite holiday’s and one of my favorite artists, I decided to incorporate Curtis Kulig’sLove me” tags in my photos to celebrate self-love <3. So here’s a toast to being your own Valentine and treating yourself on this special day!

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Kenley Collins “Marilyn Monroe” Collection Launch at Slapback Brooklyn!


Image by Bryan Sansivero

A few weeks ago was the launch of Kenley Collins new Monroe Collection at Slapback in Brooklyn, one of my favorite rockabilly shops in New York. Of course I had to attend as I absolutely LOVE Kenley Collins and her amazing designs. I also love being able to see my friend and Slapback shop owner, Renee, whom I have adored since the first day we met 6-7 months ago. Renee and Kenley are 2 peas in a pod and I love hanging with both of them. Anyway, I have been anticipating the launch of Kenley’s collection when I saw her a few weeks prior to the event and she told me all about it. Not only is she an incredible designer but also a FIERCE singer/performer. This woman is a RIOT and it was awesome to see her do a live performance at the shop alongside red-hot Laura Rebel Angel. I had a blast and invited my friends Lourdes and Christina to check it out and we all left with something. Christina fell in love with the Kenley Collins pants and left with a pair and I bought the whole outfit and the checkered dress which fits like the cowbell dress I purchased a few months before that. I was so happy to add more Kenley Collins pieces to my collection. Every time I wear her pieces, I always get compliments. Everything she makes is a staple piece every girl should have in her closet. My friend Lourdes bought a cute top after driving my friend Renee crazy. I can’t really bring her anywhere lol, but everyone has that one friend who is a major pain in the butt. Another highlight of the day is that I met and shot with an amazing photographer named Bryan Sansivero just before arriving to the event. I was blown away by his images of me. I wore a vintage suit, belt, hat, shoes, and cat eye glasses and my own outfit shots don’t compare to his so I didn’t even bother including them in this post. Check it out inside. Continue reading

I’m moving to SIN CITY!


I’m moving! Yup, I will be leaving New York in just 8 days to embark on a new journey and I am going to miss all of my east coast family & friends so much <3. I am also going to miss all of my New York readers and that’s why I am having a farewell party next week at Nurse Bettie’s and you are ALL invited!

The party is next Friday, December 6th, at 8:00pm and will be held at:

Nurse Bettie

106 Norfolk St, Manhattan, NY 10002

Hope you can make it!


NYFW: A day of Art & Fashion

IMG_7685Hey yawl! Coming back from my long hiatus to bring you this new post about how I spent the last day of fashion week. Two weeks ago I was invited by my friends Indie184 and Cope2 to the Cheim & Read gallery for the opening of the Barry McGee’s exhibit. I wasn’t familiar with Barry’s work but was intrigued by the art I saw on the flyer that was sent to me so I decided to go. After getting caught in the rain, I have to say, this exhibition totally brightened my day. I fell in love with Barry’s work. The awesome typography, photography, fun characters, and hyper-realistic use of colors in diamond shapes and stripes felt like I was stuck in a colorful kaleidoscope of this artists life. Heard from the grapevine, Barry is actually an OG in the graffiti game. He is also known as “Twist”. I got to take a glimpse at some of his photographs of the walls he bombed in his installations. I always have such a blast when I am with Cope and Indie and was so glad to have been introduced to Barry’s work. The entire gallery was packed full of people so I couldn’t get the best images but you can always head on over to the Cheim & Read gallery to see it in a more calm setting. We had a great time but I couldn’t stay as I was off to the Tribeca Grand for my friend Theresa Dapra’s “The White Line” collection of accessories. I invited my aunt Alex because I knew she would love Theresa’s work. Lol, I was right. My aunt was floored by Dapra’s designs. Theresa is a craftsman who has been creating accessories for as long as I have known her (which is I think 8/9 years?). She has taken her talents to the next level by designing for none other than Lady Gaga herself, for some of her “interesting” performances ;). I am so proud of Theresa and how far she has come and will go. Her designs blew everyone away but they are a reflection of who she is; a genuinely amazing, talented, and creative individual with an artistic way of looking at fashion. I absolutely adore her and had a great time at her event. Continue reading

Bob Mackie event at Screaming Mimi’s!

15385_10201597201314403_439086037_nLast Wednesday I was off to one of my favorite vintage shops, Screaming Mimi’s, to celebrate the launch of Bob Mackie’s new collection of notebooks hosted by my girl Sammy Davis of I was so excited to see the new line of Bob Mackie notebooks and try my luck in winning one of his vintage runway dresses that was displayed at the Screaming Mimi’s window! When I arrived I was bombarded by the smell of delicious cupcakes and the best scenery of the most beautiful vintage pieces. I was in pure heaven! Sammy did her thing spreading vintage love as we all munched on cupcakes over champagne. The Bob Mackie notebooks were gorg and reminded me so much of the Great Gatsby. They were displayed next to Bob’s sketches that I wanted to take home so bad lolol. I actually wanted to take everything home. Screaming Mimi’s is trouble for a vintage lover like myself. I had just visited the day before the event and bought a pair of springolators from them that were on major sale. I planned to have the sole restored but couldn’t wait and wore them for the event! I also wore my vintage Bob Mackie poodle brooch that was gifted to me at the showroom just a few days before. It was so perfect that I got to support both brands at once for this event. I went drenched in vintage in a 1950s brocade shirt dress, vintage hat and purse set, my leucite springolators, and vintage gems. It was the perfect outfit for the perfect event. I met so many wonderful people (one of them being Lynn Yaeger!) and got to see so many of my friends. Even better, I got to enjoy the whole event with my favorite person in the world, my mom!  Continue reading

Enz Park Slope Store Opening!

IMG_6643IMG_6650It was the grand opening party for my friend Mariann Marlowe at her new Enz shop in Park Slope and I was stoked to attend and see her new store. Mariann still has her original Enz store in the city; that is where I met her a few years ago and I have adored her ever since. I used to scour the internet for vintage reproduction apparel until I discovered Enz. It was the first store in New York that offered apparel and accessories from rockabilly designers all over the world so it became my go-to spot for the best threads. Now we are fortunate to have more than one shop here in NY spreading awareness of this beautiful rockabilly culture I love so much. NY needed this growth spurt of rockabilly businesses because the culture is growing at a rapid pace. We need more events, more shops, more Rebel Nights, more classic cars, and more pinups here in NYC. The more this happens, the less people ask me if I am going to a costume party lol. But it seems as days go by, I see more and more people reflecting the 1950s in their personal style so hopefully us veterans won’t be rockabilly unicorns forever. Anyway, I had a blast at the Enz opening party and met some really cool unicorns. Everyone mingled and danced to DJ Sei’s 1950s tunes while munching on pretzels, zombie lollipops, nachos, and cake with pina coladas in hand (mine was virgin:) ). We also got the best party favors, Lux De Ville coin purses! It was certainly a tiki party and I was coincidentally dressed for the occasion in a vintage tiki skirt, sun top, and wooden jewelry. It was a lot of fun and I am glad I came to show this bombshell some Brooklyn love! Continue reading

The Mode Merr Brunch Spectacular & Grand Performance Car Show!

1It was a CRAZY sunday full of way too many awesome festivities and I am so happy I made it to each and every one of them. My first stop was my dad’s car show where I spent the morning and the remainder of the evening taking cool photos with the classic cars. I love to be able to come support my dad so I come out to his show every year. There weren’t too many 50s and 60s models but I was still happy I got to take pictures with a few before running off to the Mode Merr Fashion & Burlesque Brunch Spectacular at the Highline Ballroom. I was set to model in the show that day and thank god I hitched a cab because I missed my bus and nearly missed modeling in the show! However, all was good and the show was just that…SPECTACULAR. It was a very entertaining and romantic evening for the couples who sat front row enjoying the delicious food while watching the amazing burlesque performers. World Famous Bob was hosting and did a wonderful job in doing so; she had the entire room dying of laughter. After the incredible burlesque show featuring the best of the best of our NY Burly queens like the Pontani sisters, Gal Friday, Main Attraction, Dirty Martini, Julie Atlas Muz, Little Brooklyn, Peekaboo Pointe, and Queen Bee Jo Boobs Weldon the crowd got to see Labretta Suede & the Motel 6 Live! While Labretta shook her tail feathers all of us models got ready to strut our stuff in the new & FABULOUS Mode Merr collection on stage! When I saw the dress I was set to wear, I was absolutely IN LOVE. It fit me like a glove and went perfectly with my hair and shoes. The other models looked fabulous as well and did such a great job modeling the new collection on stage. I am always nervous but did my best as well as giving the crowd a little dance haha. It really was the perfect show followed by some great shopping, and though I didn’t indulge, I can’t say I didn’t want to! I love to see Miss Ruth’s Time Bomb vintage treasures, Laura Rebel Angel’s cute hats, and those $20 Mode Merr sale bins which are a total tease! I was also happy to see some familiar faces as well as meeting new ones back stage. Their was such good energy amongst all of us ladies and the crowd that came to the show and I can’t wait to attend again next year! See it all inside! Continue reading

Bettie Page Clothing at 4Knots Festival!

1Making its home at New York’s legendary South Street Seaport, The Village Voice’s 4Knots Music Festival was back for its third year on June 29, 2013. Continuing the Voice’s 13-year history with live music showcases, 4Knots showcased renowned and emerging artists on today’s breaking music scene. Bettie Page Clothing was a sponsor at this years festival and I was so sad I couldn’t attend! However, some of my friends and favorite models came out in nautical fashion to show 4knots what retro greatness is all about at the BPC booth! The special BPC NY sirens included Bettina May, Jade Vixen, Hayley Griffin, Tina Tassles, Dariell Leak, Mary Adams, Justine Sanborn, and Camille Marae and they had people swooning like sailors in their BPC outfits. Everyone got a chance to pose with their favorite pinup BPC models, partake in their own pinup shoots, and got to see the new BPC collection. 4knots provides an ideal platform for companies to interact with a young and influential audience so this was a great way to show NY’s finest what BPC is all about! I haven’t been to the seaport in years but it is designated at the New York City historic district and features some of the oldest architecture in downtown Manhattan. SWOOON. The entire Seaport neighborhood is meant to transport its visitors back in time to the mid-19th century, to demonstrate what life in the commercial maritime trade was like. The name of the festival “4Knots” comes from this rich nautical history at the Seaport meaning “the speed of the waves as they meet at the Seaport in New York’s East River”. I am so glad BPC was a part of this great event and hope to attend next year! Live vicariously through their fun photos inside! Continue reading

The Mode Merr Fashion & Burlesque Brunch Spectacular!


Indulge in an afternoon delight with this burlesque brunch spectacular!  Enjoy an all-star burlesque show featuring NYC’s finest purveyors of the strip tease,  including ANGIE PONTANI, DIRTY MARTINI, HELEN PONTANI, JO “BOOBS” WELDON, JULIE ATLAS MUZ, LITTLE BROOKLYN, PEEKABOO POINTE,  plus appearances from LAURA REBEL ANGEL and more, hosted by  THE WORLD FAMOUS *BOB*!  Plus take in a  live fashion show featuring their latest designs on some of your favorite pin-up models from glamour gal designer Mode Merr!  Outfitting every stylish siren from XXS – XXXL,  you can even peruse Mode Merr’s on-site pop up boutique,  where you can  try on and purchase looks straight off the runway!

I will be modeling at this show and would love to see all of you there!

For tickets and info click here!




The amazing and talented graffiti artist/designer Indie 184 just recently had a solo exhibit called “Fantasy” at the TT-Underground gallery. As you all already know, I have been friends with Indie for a few years now (I have also modeled for her clothing line Kweenz Destroy) so I was stoked to see her and show my support. I almost didn’t make it because I was working late but thanks to my friend Lacuna, I made it just in time to see the exhibit. I would have felt terrible If I missed it, I have been anticipating this show since I saw the flyer! When I arrived I was blown away and so happy I made it. Indie has created a plethora of beautiful collaged art work inspired by her emotions, thoughts, and the powerful and glamorous golden girls of the 20th century. Many of the golden girls include a few of my favorites like Yvonne De Carlo, Debra Paget. Hedy Lamarr, Lucille Ball, Rita Hayworth, and even Katy Keene! As a powerful influence of our era and a golden girl herself, it makes sense that Indie would incorporate these women into her work. They all share something in common, they are all FIERCE! Indie used many mediums to create these paintings such as spraypaint, acrylic, enamel, plaster, glitter, stencil and paper on canvas proving that she is artisically versatile. This show was totally up my ally and I definitely enjoyed every second of it. If you didn’t make it to Indie’s solo show “Fantasy” at the TT-underground gallery, don’t fret, I’ve taken photos of her pieces here!

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