Cannery Casino’s Top Famous Pinups of all time!

4C11891EEB21043489633A3572B9B2A4loungeCannery Casino is an adorable hotel and casino located in Las Vegas we wish we had visited while I was there just a week ago. This classic casino couldn’t be more perfect for a pin-up gal like myself because they embrace the best eras in history, the 40s-60s. They even have a bar called Pin-ups that pays tribute to post World War II pin-up girls! The Cannery and Eastside Cannery Casinos proudly salute the united spirit and classic style of the golden era by associating the classic pin-up girl into its brand. You can just tell this is an awesome place to visit just by the neon sign located at the entrance. In addition to its historical significance, the classic sexy image reflects their commitment to providing a fun and entertaining experience for all of their guests. I can’t wait to be a guest come December so I can experience it for myself. Until then..I decided to check out their blog, The Reporter, where I discovered a pretty interesting post about the top ten pin-up’s of all time. I fell in love with it and just had to share it with you all. The Cannery Casino pays tribute to the late greats like Betty Grable, Bettie Page, Jane Russell, Veronica Lake, Rita Hayworth, and more. I had no idea that Betty Grable insured her legs for $1,000,000 or that early pinup artist, Zoe Mozert, painted herself while posing in the mirror. I also had no idea that Veronica lake was only 4 feet tall! I was blown away and learned so much from this post and hope you all can enjoy it as much as I did. <3

“While the origin of the “pin up” girl dates to the 19th century, this quintessential American icon flourished during the 1940’s. 

Specifically, the pin-up became omnipresent during World War II when photos of leggy Betty Grable, seductive Rita Hayworth, “sweater girl” Lana Turner and many other stunning movie stars graced the footlocker of many GI’s, sailors and marines to lift spirits and remind the servicemen “what they were fighting for.” 

Very quickly, the image evolved into an illustrated form and was used as provocative and morale-boosting art on B-17’s and other aircraft in Europe and the Pacific. The pin-up was also ubiquitous in calendars and many forms of advertising – all depicting young shapely women in relatively innocent but captivating poses. 

Meanwhile, on the home front, various new seafood-processing plants called canneries were gaining in popularity. Mothers brought their families to these new operations for economical dining and to socialize with others waiting for their men to return.

And this is how the name Cannery Casino came about..”

Check out their post about the top ten pin-up’s of all time below!

Top 10 Famous Pin-Ups of All Time

Check out the Cannery Casino when you visit Vegas!

Vintage Vegas: Day 2!

IMG_5249When I was about 9 years old and my grandfather passed away, I was in shambles. However, that same night, I had this dream that I was riding a horse down a desert road at night enamored by the light and clarity of the stars constellations. The stars formed pictures, some I can’t even remember, but in the dream I felt loved and that he would always be with me. The dream ended with my horse and I jumping off of a mountain cliff onto a bed of stars that smiled before we landed. Ever since then, I have had this weird fascination with the desert and the enchantment of the open road. I had a list of things I wanted to do in Vegas while I was there. One of them was to visit the dessert and thanks to my best friend Santiago, we did. It was so beautiful and the air was so clean, I could have fallen to my knees at the beauty of the mountains and acres of land untouched and glorious. It was breathtaking and so nostalgic of the dream I had. It was also significant of my life at this very moment, an open road with so much to explore. This day sealed the deal for me. I was sold that this would be my new home. Not only because of the nature I experienced but because of the culture I experienced this day as well.

Just driving around downtown Vegas we saw so many cool vintage neon signs. So many of which aren’t even a part of businesses anymore but still stand in their original homes. So much of Vegas is respected and preserved and it is so refreshing that I will be living in such a visually appealing and inspiring place full of history that is protected. After driving around, I got to visit the Gold Spike where I will soon be blogging my little heart away. The CEO of Zappos created this space for people to come together, work, and network and I love him for that. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, just a block away from the Gold Spike is the Burlesque Hall of Fame. We had a blast visiting this awesome little exhibit and learned so much from burly queen Haute Couture and Dustin Wax. They were so friendly and so knowledgable. There was so much to see and read about burlesque stars from the 1900s-1960s. They exhibited Patti Starr’s springolators, Tempest storms bedazzled G-string, Rita Ravells dress and more. There was also autographed photos from incredible burlesque performers like Lili St.Cyr, Josephine Baker, Dixie Evans, Noel Toy, and more. I was blown away by this exhibit and learned so much about burlesque performers I didn’t even know about. It is definitely a must-see if any of you venture out into Vegas. After exploring the exhibit we were off to our friends Rudy and Urma’s beautiful home were we enjoyed a delicious meal, mambo music from the 50s, and got to see photos of them from back in the 50s and 60s. There home was incredible and I was so in love with all of their vintage artwork and decor. Rudy and Urma made us feel so at home and made me realize that I had an additional family in Vegas. I adore them. Now I know, If I ever want to be around good people and my beautiful Puerto Rican culture I will miss from NY, all I have to do is visit them. See photos inside. Continue reading

Puerto Rico: Day two!

crop2Day two of my trip to Puerto Rico was another pleasant and relaxing day at the beach. My beau and I spent most of the day exploring the shore for seashells and ended up finding a lot more than we thought. As someone who used to want to be a Marine Biologist as a child, I am still really fascinated by marine life and the ocean. As a kid, I also truly believed I was Ariel in the flesh so I am sure my fascination with the ocean comes from me believing I was a mermaid. At least, now I can say I really was Ariel in Puerto Rico, with my red locks dressed up in pinup fashion. I was stoked to finally wear my Betsey Johnson romper, Tra la la swimsuit, and Hawiian robe I recently purchased at Reminiscence. I was a true Puerto Rican pinup in this ensemble and complimented my outfit with some nice vintage accessories like my 1940′s sunnies and my flower earrings I recently snagged from D&J Vintage. I was paying homage to all of those beautiful Puerto Rican pinups who were underrated, never discovered, or shunned from the spotlight in the 50′s and 60′s because I am sure they existed. I raise my virgin piña colada to them!

Walking down the coastline of the beach we met a few little critters who really made our day. We saw a crab we named “Fred” who was so adorable, I wanted to take him home (didn’t want to make my beau jealous ;) ). We also met many Sea Urchins, big and small, that felt weird when you picked them up. I kept being afraid I would step on one so I had to be very careful. Ironically, my boyfriend was hoping we would run into baby squid until I stumbled upon an actual Octopus that was VERY MUCH alive as she tried to steal my boyfriends glasses. We didn’t know if she was alive so my beau used the handle of his glasses to gently touch her tentacle and she grasped on to them and wouldn’t let them go lololol. We named her “Octavia” because I swear, she was not thrilled about us wanting to see those beautiful tentacles. She even squirted water at my boyfriend every time he tried to pick her up. She camouflaged so well so I am shocked I even spotted her, but boy was she beautiful. I believe she was about a foot long, not including the length of her tentacles. It really was beautiful to see an animal like this in shallow waters and it really made our day to have found and seen such a beautiful creature up close.

After exploring the beach and finding lots of beautiful sea shells and marine life, we headed back to the villa to enjoy a game of dominoes with the family over piña coladas. We also had sushi for lunch which was the BEST sushi I have EVER had. I cannot believe I am going to have to travel to Puerto Rico any time I am craving Hawaiian sushi, it was DELICIOUS. After that, we relaxed and tanned till almost sunset before an evening swim at the pool. It was another great day at the motherland and I miss it so much already.. Continue reading

Art Basel 2012 in Miami: Day dos!

DSC_1426On day two, I spent less time in Wynwood and more time exploring other parts of Miami with my beau like little Havana and Biscayne Boulevard. I wanted to see cool deco hotels, motels, and thrift stores as well as the culture of Little Havana and thanks to our good friend Frank, we were able to visit the best spots. Our first stop was Little Havana were I was inspired by the culture of the people there. It was so dope to see latin elders play dominos and chess while smoking their cuban cigars. I also fell in love with an art deco theater there that featured some really awesome old films. Then we were off to Versailles Cuban Cuisine to enjoy a VERY YUMMY breakfast that was so good, I miss it terribly. After that we went off to Biscayne Boulevard where I was also completely floored & inspired by the amazing architecture of the hotels. It is heaven for people like me who follow the rockabilly culture. So many of them are still in mint condition despite being built 50-60 years ago. I wish New York would have salvaged great architecture like Miami did, it really amazing. I also fell in love with some of the cute thrift stores on Biscayne like Vintage Revenge and Fly Boutique. They were both super cute and full of goodness at decent prices. I found some very special things at both shops but really hit the jackpot at Vintage Revenge. I have to say VR was my favorite because the owner was so sweet/helpful and she had such amazing vintage pieces from my favorite eras. I found the BEST swimsuit there that may or may not be Versace (as if I care anyway). The tag is missing and she was pondering if it was too. Regardless, this swimsuit was BAD (in a good way). It was so amazing, I was afraid to wear it but had to have it as It fit me like a glove. Ironically I found a vintage Cache top as well that looked great with it, only it was a bit over my price range for that sorta thing. With my luck my friend ended up finding one for me just like it at Red White and Blue in Hialeah for just $5.95 so on day 4 I sported them both (post coming soon). After an eventful day of sight-seeing, we revisited Wynwood and then went off to Fania to support my best friend Santiago at his awesome showcase via the Pax Performing Arts Center. See photos inside! Continue reading

Dia de los Rosita Bonita

This post is a tribute to Dia De Los Angelitos (Day of the Little Angels) which is celebrated today and Dia De Los Muertos (Day of the dead) which is celebrated tomorrow in collaboration with my love for jewelry designer Rosita Bonita whose pieces remind me of these wonderful holidays. These holidays are celebrated in Mexico and other parts of the world where natives pray for their lost loved ones and celebrate the lives that they lived. They create alters adorned with food, sugar skulls, Milagros, and marigolds. Though I am not mexican, my mother and I visited Mexico a few Halloween’s ago, saw it all in person, and became enamored by the culture and the art that we saw there. It was honestly the most beautiful and colorful place I had ever seen and I remembered not wanting to come home. Though this holiday has become a Halloween spectacle, I respect the mexican culture and have educated myself on this yearly tradition. I would paint my face as a sugar skull every day If I could which is why I integrated this tradition with these beautiful Rosita Bonita gems. I found out about her work a few months ago and have been hooked to her vibrant colorful works of art. She utilizes her artwork to make leather screen printed necklaces adorned with roses, giant Milagros pendants, golden hummingbirds and more. She even has framed artwork in which she uses her jewelry images to adorn the walls of your home. I had never seen anything like it and seeing that she was inspired by Mexican culture to create such beautiful pieces made her work easy to love. Thankfully I have one of her necklaces and a pair of horse shoe earrings but I plan to add a few more of her pieces to my collection. See them inside. Continue reading