4Jas SigYou heard right! Kweenz Destroy does it again with a whole new line of tees and accessories fit for all of you Kweenz out there and I got to model them for you at my new home here in Vegas shot by the oh-so-talented Daniel Rodriguez (@hey_there_Daniel). Indie184 is the powerhouse behind KD and is a jack of all trades..So when she isn’t traveling the world showcasing her artwork in the hottest galleries and making her mark on concrete walls; she’s home designing clothes and being the best mother to her itty bitty vandals. I love being able to work with her and Cope2, they are my favorite couple and I adore the good times and great work we have been able to produce over the past 6-7 years (WOW!). I am definitely a fan of her paintings and cannot wait to hang them up on my walls. I practically designed my whole bedroom around her work! Anyway, the “Crown’d” tee you see above is a collaboration between Indie and Ewokone who is also an extremely talented artist so it only makes sense that the design came out amazing. It is one of my favorite shirts to date! Some of my other favorites include her colorful beanies and graffiti STOCKINGS, yup, Indie has created the most awesome stockings and panty hose adorned with her colorful bubble letters. I seriously want to wear them every day so expect to see them on my blog frequently haha. Check out the photos of me modeling the new Kweenz Destroy gear inside!

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Jas-Nylon-5 SMAs a comic lover, collector, and once illustrator..I love anything with a comic print. I am completely biased when it comes to this sort of thing. Just recently, Forever21 released a Marvel collection that I fell absolutely in love with and I nearly bought everything. My favorite pieces is the Spiderman Crop top and comic legend leggings. I wore them both together just the other day for a fun evening visiting downtown with friends. It was a coincidence that my mother gifted me an awesome comic stripped bow while I was in NY last week that looked perfect with my ensemble even though it was Batman. Back to Forever21, I also bought the Marvel body suit but this outfit is a little easier to wear out haha. Anyway, even though I wore a Batman Bow, Spiderman top, and comic leggings, everything matched together seamlessly. I even got to wear my new Love Cortnie “POW” Clutch from the NYLON Magazine shop (they have the cutest stuff!) I have been dying to wear since I received it last week! Cortnie creates fabulous clutches that appeal to all types of fashionistas regardless of their style preference. This bright yellow leather comic themed clutch literally screamed my name and tied my outfit together effortlessly. I am so in love with it so you can expect to see it on my blog at least 100 times this year. The inside lining is even a comic strip! Wearing this many prints can easily be overkill without the right accessories but I am pretty brave and pretty good at adding subtle elements to my outfits to avoid looking crazy haha. The only subtleties of this outfit was my black Maryl Christian Louboutin pumps, and my purple Karen Millen Leather jacket. Don’t know how I made this work but I did and my awesome/talented photographer friend, Daniel Rodriguez, was able to capture it all! Who knew an evening to the arts district would turn into a full on photo shoot?! Glad it did because you get to see all of the vibrant colors of my outfit! See more photos inside. Continue reading

The Container Park

IMG_9688There is so much to love about Vegas. My best friend told me about this place called The Container park that was made from recycled truck containers and I didn’t know what to expect. Finally I had to chance to see it for myself with my friends a few weeks ago and was blown away. When I got there I was so impressed with their concept of creating a shopping attraction out of such random materials. The place is practically a work of eco-friendly art and an exciting shopping attraction in downtown Las Vegas that I enjoyed very much. There is an assortment of small boutiques, galleries, bars, eateries and outdoor spaces as well as entertainment and education programming and located in the epicenter of the park is a playground where children can play.

Situated on the southeast corner of Fremont and Seventh streets, Downtown Container Park spans approximately 19,000 square feet with a mix of 30 shipping containers and 41 multifunctional modular cubes forming its perimeter. Each cube is a steel-framed structure that measures 250 square feet and can easily form a variety of portable configurations. If Downtown Container Park were ever dismantled, the cubes could be used for other things – such as a construction office or concession stand – and would never wind up in a landfill. How brilliant is that?

The sign that stretches above the front entrance is made out of a gray and orange shipping container, and also functions as a bridge — guests can walk through and view all the action on Fremont Street from large window-like cutouts of the letters that spell “C-O-N-T-A-I-N-E-R P-A-R-K.” Even the three-story elevator boasts a shaft that has been fashioned from a shipping container. And how could I forget the amazing praying mantis that blows fire from its head that looks like it came from a burning man convention.

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New York Comicon 2013

titleI was cutting it close when I left for Vegas and spent a week there before New York Comicon. The day I got back was the day the convention started! However, I managed to make it and was so excited to bring my mom this time around! My mother is my best friend so I take her to a lot of events with me. She is very adventurous so it makes me happy when I see her having a great time at these events. We had a blast and enjoyed seeing all of the artwork, artists, people in costumes, and more. As a comic lover, I went a little crazy with my wallet but it was all worth it. I bought a bunch of vintage romance comics and movie posters from the 1950s and also bought some art for my future office in Vegas. My mom also loves purchasing art so she got herself a few things as well. I think I might have her cover the show next year as she has become a pro at taking photos. Without her I wouldn’t have any at all to post here on my blog! My friend Nubia was also covering Comicon so it was awesome to see her and hang out for a bit. She looked ADORBS dresses as a My Little Pony and I wore some stuff from the Forever 21 Bats & Cats collection. I have been waiting for Comicon just so I could sport my Forever 21 cat woman cropped sweater and leather cat ears so I paired it with my favorite vintage leather shorts, some back seamed stockings, and my Jeffrey Campbell Tardy boots. It wasn’t a costume but as jet lagged as I felt, it was comfortable and it worked. I was blown away by the people who dressed up and have to hand it to them for being so creative. It was very inspiring so of course I took photos of some of my favorites. Check it out inside! Continue reading

Vintage Vegas: Day 6!

smIt was my last day in Vegas and I wasn’t ready to head back to NY away from my new home and my best friend Santiago. We woke up bright and early to do whatever we could before my 4pm flight so our first stop was the Hash House where we enjoyed two colossal breakfast plates. Santiago had snickers pancakes and I had chicken and waffles and we were in heaven as these plates were ginormous! After that we ran off to the beautiful Caesars Palace to visit the Bettie Page Clothing store and the Martin Lawrence gallery. This gallery was incredible and housed some of the best artwork from world-renowned artists like Basquiat, Takashi Murakami, Keith Haring, Andy Warhol, and more. We were blown away by the artwork and the curators were really friendly as well. After that we headed back downtown to visit a cool comic shop called Super Nova that’s located right across from a just-as-cool toy store like toy shack where I felt like a 5-year-old girl again swooning over comics and Barbie dolls. Supernova Comics was awesome and I found a bunch of cool Vampirella comics I was drooling over as well. It is good to know that I have so many options to find comics in Vegas as I will soon be leaving my beloved Forbidden Planet here in NY. We spent so much time at both shops that I almost missed my flight! But I may have done that on purpose haha ;). Continue reading

Vintage Vegas: Day 4!

crop4It was my 4th day in Vegas, exploring what will soon be my new home and I didn’t want to leave. I only had 2 days left and was savoring every minute of every moment in sin city. I am so fortunate that best friend Santiago had a plan for every day that I was in town. Every day was an adventure and this day was no different. We are like little explorers always wondering the unknown to meet fascinating people, visit fascinating places, and in my for fascinating things ;) lol. We did all of that and more on day 4!

Dressed to the nines in my Kenley Collins frenchy catsuit from her Pink Lady collection, I was ready to channel my inner vintage Barbie. It was one of my favorite outfits of my trip and god was I happy that I got to wear my new vintage Barbie purse with it! It was the perfect outfit for everything we were set to do. I got to visit some of my favorite folks over at the Bettie Page Clothing and Beach Bash Beach wear showrooms. My best friend and I got to tour the warehouse and meet the fabulous corporate team followed by a delicious lunch over good conversation. It was so nice to see Jan, Tatyana, and Artem and spend some time with them before I was back off to New York. After that my bestie surprised me by taking me to the Stitch Factory, a fashion incubator, co-working studio, and creative education center located in Downtown Las Vegas. I plan to register for their courses when I touch down in Vegas so I can create my own clothing line. That’s right. I plan to create my very own line soon and I am pretty sure I can gain the knowledge I need by attending the Stitch Factory. I met a lovely lady named Jennifer who was super sweet and informative about the studio and the courses they offer. I was sold right away and suddenly my dream to be a designer seemed possible. I had to celebrate so we were off to the Glam Factory to find some vintage goodies! Stephanie, the owner, is such a sweetie pie and we fell in love with her dog lol. I was hoping to find a lot of pieces at her store but only found a cute vintage crop top. She usually has so much stuff but sells out so quickly! I guess when you snooze you lose and I must have been asleep haha! On our way home for a quick cat nap we made a pit-stop to Alternate Reality Comics where I found a cool team Veronica T-shirt lol. They always have such cool comics there. The rest of the day ended well with a chola inspired outfit change in Viva Bandida for an awesome classic car meet-up at Mr.D’s and a visit to the Parisian! Crazy little explorers, I know! Continue reading

NYFW: A day of Art & Fashion

IMG_7685Hey yawl! Coming back from my long hiatus to bring you this new post about how I spent the last day of fashion week. Two weeks ago I was invited by my friends Indie184 and Cope2 to the Cheim & Read gallery for the opening of the Barry McGee’s exhibit. I wasn’t familiar with Barry’s work but was intrigued by the art I saw on the flyer that was sent to me so I decided to go. After getting caught in the rain, I have to say, this exhibition totally brightened my day. I fell in love with Barry’s work. The awesome typography, photography, fun characters, and hyper-realistic use of colors in diamond shapes and stripes felt like I was stuck in a colorful kaleidoscope of this artists life. Heard from the grapevine, Barry is actually an OG in the graffiti game. He is also known as “Twist”. I got to take a glimpse at some of his photographs of the walls he bombed in his installations. I always have such a blast when I am with Cope and Indie and was so glad to have been introduced to Barry’s work. The entire gallery was packed full of people so I couldn’t get the best images but you can always head on over to the Cheim & Read gallery to see it in a more calm setting. We had a great time but I couldn’t stay as I was off to the Tribeca Grand for my friend Theresa Dapra’s “The White Line” collection of accessories. I invited my aunt Alex because I knew she would love Theresa’s work. Lol, I was right. My aunt was floored by Dapra’s designs. Theresa is a craftsman who has been creating accessories for as long as I have known her (which is I think 8/9 years?). She has taken her talents to the next level by designing for none other than Lady Gaga herself, for some of her “interesting” performances ;). I am so proud of Theresa and how far she has come and will go. Her designs blew everyone away but they are a reflection of who she is; a genuinely amazing, talented, and creative individual with an artistic way of looking at fashion. I absolutely adore her and had a great time at her event. Continue reading

Indie184 for MAC Cosmetics

indie_tyovanMy girl Indie184, a world-renowned graffiti artist and kween vandal of Kweenz Destroy, has collaborated with MAC Cosmetics to create the most amazing cosmetic bags for all of us glamazons with a taste for fine art and beauty. I am beyond thrilled and happy to see that Indie took her beautiful works of art off of canvas’ and 20 foot walls to the shelves of MAC for the world to enjoy every time we reach for our pink lipstick. Indie continues to reign supreme in the graffiti scene not simply as a “woman” but an ARTIST and an inspiration to us all and I can’t wait to see what else is next. Until then..words cannot express how excited I am to get my hands on both of these cosmetic bags and the timing couldn’t be more perfect. On July 2, 2013 these cosmetic bags will be available for purchase online and sold exclusively in stores from July 11, 2013 through August 22, 2013 so SAVE THE DATE! I certainly did!Illustrated-Bag-1-by-Indie184-300Illustrated-Bag-2-by-Indie184-300Congrats Indie!


Havana Mama

IMG_5412tumblr_miy0aegFi01qad0yco1_400Just recently I was doing my regular research on mid-century fashion and culture when I came across images of Old Cuban magazines called Carteles that fed my soul for hours. Carteles was one of the most popular cuban illustrated magazines from the 1920s – late 1950s period. It’s full of great articles and tons of pictures of the everyday cuban life , sports, society, art , politics , architecture and much more. These Carteles magazine covers I listed to the left and below have fantastic artwork done by the famous cuban artist Andres Garcia. Andres has done most of the cover work of Carteles and his covers are the most identifiable because of his deco style. He has been described as the Norman Rockwell of Cuba but his work is reflective of the Vargas styles of the era. This discovery makes me want to visit Cuba even more because even in our modern times, this small little Caribbean communist island is full of so much unscathed culture, art, and history of my favorite eras.

cartelesT76_cuba-fMy dream is to visit Cuba so I can experience the culture, classic cars, music, and cuban cigars. Until then, I can live out my inspiration through my personal style. For a nice lunch with my friend and sister, I headed out in Cuban fashion and I am not talking about Cuban heel stockings ;). I was comfortable and cultured in my Cuban straw fedora, tropical jumpsuit, and matching Kate Spade purse. I gave my feet a break in All Saints brown leather sandals and complimented the brown with a vintage waist belt. I also wore my favorite vintage sunglasses and some small vintage bamboo clip-on earrings. I just wish I wore this outfit on my way to Cuba ;).

IMG_5411My grandfather owns a plethora of Cuban Hats and still wears them till this day. I always say I am going to steal them from him ;). This one was a gift from my boyfriend <3IMG_5383Jumpsuits are great throw-on-and-leave-the-house items every girl should have in their closet. Sometimes you don’t want to have to think too much about what you are going to wear.IMG_5416 I love that this Kate Spade bag matches my jumpsuit perfectly.IMG_5419I normally don’t do sandals but after a week of high heels these will do.IMG_5402XOXO



The amazing and talented graffiti artist/designer Indie 184 just recently had a solo exhibit called “Fantasy” at the TT-Underground gallery. As you all already know, I have been friends with Indie for a few years now (I have also modeled for her clothing line Kweenz Destroy) so I was stoked to see her and show my support. I almost didn’t make it because I was working late but thanks to my friend Lacuna, I made it just in time to see the exhibit. I would have felt terrible If I missed it, I have been anticipating this show since I saw the flyer! When I arrived I was blown away and so happy I made it. Indie has created a plethora of beautiful collaged art work inspired by her emotions, thoughts, and the powerful and glamorous golden girls of the 20th century. Many of the golden girls include a few of my favorites like Yvonne De Carlo, Debra Paget. Hedy Lamarr, Lucille Ball, Rita Hayworth, and even Katy Keene! As a powerful influence of our era and a golden girl herself, it makes sense that Indie would incorporate these women into her work. They all share something in common, they are all FIERCE! Indie used many mediums to create these paintings such as spraypaint, acrylic, enamel, plaster, glitter, stencil and paper on canvas proving that she is artisically versatile. This show was totally up my ally and I definitely enjoyed every second of it. If you didn’t make it to Indie’s solo show “Fantasy” at the TT-underground gallery, don’t fret, I’ve taken photos of her pieces here!

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