Pinup of the picnic.

It’s February and all I want to wear is RED! I love this month because duh….Valentine’s day! As you know from my most previous post about my PUG wish list, Vday is one of my favorite holidays. I’m the girl who goes to the dollar store and feels the need to stuff my cart with Valentine’s day decorations and candy all for myself. I want all the heart things haha. Anyway, in light of my favorite holiday, a few days ago I went to lunch with my girl Rihannon and wore a really cute… Read More

Frida Las Vegas!

I saved my first post for the new year for one of my favorite jewelry designers, Frida Las Vegas! This bodacious colorful babe creates wearable works of perspex pop art inspired by everything 80’s new wave, her home Australia, and anything else that tickles her fancy. She just started her company in 2013 and is already becoming a worldwide phenomenon; adored by celebrities, socialites, and bloggers like myself. I immediately gravitated to her designs as someone who adores the 80’s as well and because I love to mix genre’s I envisioned wearing… Read More

Technicolor dreams..

It was a beautiful and sunny day in Brooklyn and I was feeling very 60’s with this hairdo despite my 1950’s ensemble. I would have worn a mod 60’s dress to go with my hair but have been dying to wear this new dress I snagged via D&J Vintage so I just went with that. My golden rule of getting dressed is that your hair must always match your outfit and even though my hair and dress are from different eras, this worked out quite nicely. I love to mix, match, and… Read More

Great Gatsby style with BPC!

Everyone is raving about the new Great Gatsby film and I CANNOT wait to see it! I haven’t had much time to do so with such a hectic schedule the past two weeks but plan to indulge as soon as I get the chance because I absolutely loved the book! The 1920s is one of my favorite eras because I feel it is just as glamorous as the 1950s. I feel it was the darkest elegant era of our time. The shapeless dresses, the beautiful jewelry, the pearls, the turbans and headdresses,… Read More

Dia de los Rosita Bonita

This post is a tribute to Dia De Los Angelitos (Day of the Little Angels) which is celebrated today and Dia De Los Muertos (Day of the dead) which is celebrated tomorrow in collaboration with my love for jewelry designer Rosita Bonita whose pieces remind me of these wonderful holidays. These holidays are celebrated in Mexico and other parts of the world where natives pray for their lost loved ones and celebrate the lives that they lived. They create alters adorned with food, sugar skulls, Milagros, and marigolds. Though I am not… Read More


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