3I’ve got a major sweet tooth for Fatally Feminine Designs jewelry. As a lover of all things sweet and tasty, I just couldn’t resist getting my hands on some of Aubree’s delicious handcrafted jewelry. From cotton candy earrings to mint chocolate chip ice-cream, the girl makes it all and everything is crafted to perfection. I happen to own the mint chocolate chip ice-cream earrings and necklace and can’t express enough how incredibly detailed they are. I get a sweet tooth just talking about them! I also have her colorful french macaroon bracelet and matching macaroon earrings that are absolutely delightful. I mean, what is it about us girls and our love for all things sweet, colorful, and cute? I’ve already wore my FFD pieces to death and they still look brand spankin new. That’s quality for ya. I have my eye on a few of her other pieces and plan to keep adding to my collection. I find all of her pieces to be completely irresistible!
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Meteor Jewelry!

2474crop I am obsessed with Meteor Jewelry, a new brand of retro inspired jewelry that is high fashion, high quality, and on high demand within the retro community. I now own many of Paula’s pieces, my favorite being the Starlite collection which comes in a variety of colors. I now have this set in both amber and pink (exclusive to and plan to add more to my collection. This set comes in silver or gold with colors like green, amber, and light blue. She also has some other really intricate pieces like the Tahitian earrings with matching brooches, Vamp spider web collection, and her newest release the Moonlite collection. I plan to own them all but I can’t get too ahead of myself haha. A few weeks ago, I went to a neighborhood social event with my friend wearing my Starlite set with a vintage leopard hat, shawl, and a black Betsey Johnson dress. He shot photos of me in my outfit before we left (he’s an awesome photographer, see DMR Depictions) and I couldn’t wait to share them with you. There aren’t many images since we were rushing but you get to see the beautiful Starlite set in all it’s glory. Hope you like them! Continue reading “Meteor Jewelry!”

The Lobster Mobster.

crop 2I am absolutely obsessed with Luxulite and her fabulous jewelry. Just recently she released a Lobster collection that I absolutely had to have and I wasted no time getting my hands on a few pieces, particularly these awesome lobster earrings. There is a necklace that matches and even a brooch but I didn’t want to wear them all together. I apologize for not having a pic of my entire outfit but lets be honest, my vintage top, cat eye sunglasses, and Luxulite Lobster earrings steal the show anyway! Continue reading “The Lobster Mobster.”

Pinup of the picnic.

IMG_4070Lady-the-Leaping-PoodleIt’s February and all I want to wear is RED! I love this month because duh….Valentine’s day! As you know from my most previous post about my PUG wish list, Vday is one of my favorite holidays. I’m the girl who goes to the dollar store and feels the need to stuff my cart with Valentine’s day decorations and candy all for myself. I want all the heart things haha. Anyway, in light of my favorite holiday, a few days ago I went to lunch with my girl Rihannon and wore a really cute red gingham dress I bought at The Attic here in Vegas. I bought it months ago but have been waiting for February to wear it because I am a weirdo haha. It actually ended up working out that I waited this long because I just got my hands on the coolest poodle brooch called “lady the leaping poodle” from a new company called Erstwilder! I purchased a bunch of really cool brooches from them for Pinup Girl Clothing so stay tuned. This Erstwilder prancing poodle brooch was the perfect finishing touch to one of my favorite outfits of the year thus far but I can’t leave out the others like my Tatyana red bow belt, Kate Spade wicker buggy purse, my vintage confetti lucite earrings, and my new Vivienne Westwood mules. Man, this was such a great outfit and I almost wore it without taking any photos at all! Luckily we snapped a few shots in my backyard just before the sun went down. I know these aren’t the best quality but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to document such a cute get-up! Continue reading “Pinup of the picnic.”

Frida Las Vegas!

J4I saved my first post for the new year for one of my favorite jewelry designers, Frida Las Vegas! This bodacious colorful babe creates wearable works of perspex pop art inspired by everything 80’s new wave, her home Australia, and anything else that tickles her fancy. She just started her company in 2013 and is already becoming a worldwide phenomenon; adored by celebrities, socialites, and bloggers like myself. I immediately gravitated to her designs as someone who adores the 80’s as well and because I love to mix genre’s I envisioned wearing her pieces with some of my 50’s looks. My favorite from her ready-to-wear collection is the Pantera earrings and the Questionable earrings so I had to get my hands on them! I love anything with black panthers so I will say I am a little biased. Man they are so COOL! I just love unique things and her pieces are very unique and bold for a fearless fashionista like myself. Speaking of bold, her Questionable earrings are hella bold and hella awesome. They make me feel like I am in a comic book (I love comics) and I am able to tie them into my retro looks as well! Inside is an outfit I wore that I styled in two different ways to compliment my two new pairs of Frida Las Vegas earrings. They were shot by my friend Daniel of DMR Depictions.

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