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FullTransparentsmallHello world, I’m V.V. and my mind is EXTRAORDINARY. It works in ways that I can’t even comprehend, but somehow when I put my thoughts out there, you guys always seem to understand. Everyone knows me as “Vintage Vandalizm” because of my work, my style, and my photographs. Everything I represent is a marriage of the timeless beauty of Vintage & the gritty rawness of my vandalized city, NYC. I’m an ARTIST, so my imagination plays a huge role in my life. It takes me into a fantasy land that I try my best to invite you to. I’m like Alice & my imagination is my Wonderland. I use my fashion sense, blog and paintings to express my creativity. That’s right, my talents spread far and wide and it’s my mission to let them all fly free.

I am 25 years old and for 25 years of my life, I have grown to love being the “black sheep.” Mainstream and pop culture do nothing for me. I dance to the beat of my OWN music and nothing else matters. My love of history makes me an old-fashioned kind of gal, but my style is a mix of every era. I can be pin-up one day, rock and roll the next, avant-garde the following day—you just never know what you will see me wearing. That’s the beauty of V.V. When I’m not being an exhibitionist, you can catch me in my broken-in leather jacket, baggy jeans, a black tee of some sort and my cowboy boots.

“Vintage Vandalizm” comes from my love of the Salvation Army (SA), a place I call heaven. I wasn’t the richest kid growing up, so I learned to deal with what I had and made the best of it. I discovered the SA when I was 15 and not only was it in my price range, but I was able to stand out with one-of-a-kind pieces in a school that followed trends. I like having things that are rare and knowing when I go outside, no one will have the same outfit as me or even know where it’s from. It was because of my low budget shopping that I acquired an eye for amazing vintage pieces from Chanel to Yves Saint Laurent. I’ve never stopped thrifting—it’s inspired my art and I went from painting on paper to painting on my clothes, improvising, taking apart, and sewing things together. I started selling blazers I purchased at SA with my art work on it. It was my guerilla marketing tactics—my customers were walking advertisements of my art and that is how I came up with the name “Vintage Vandalizm.”

I never wanted to be a stick-thin model strutting the runway in whatever is hot that season. I started modeling in my hallway (I still sometimes model in my hallway), not to show off my looks, but to show people how creative I was with my hair, makeup, and MOST IMPORTANTLY my wardrobe. I wanted to show the world what I love about fashion, the amazing things I find and how fearless I am against this trend-stricken society. Suddenly I started getting tons of messages from numerous clothing designers who wanted me to model for them, and, from there, my modeling “career” was born. I’ve modeled for 1Soul Designs, Mishka, Bettie Page Clothing, Garbege, Ducksauce, Dorado, Ted D’Ottavio, Evan P.Brown, Dangerous Mathematicians, Johnny Ghon Sol, Kid Robot, Graffitilt, Sarunas Daunoras and so many more. Modeling is fun, but it’s more of a hobby than a job for me. You can’t keep your looks forever, but talent is endless.

I have many talents so it’s hard to figure out what I want to do with them. This extraordinary mind of mine is always running. Sometimes it’s too fast for my own good. I can sing, dance, paint, draw, model and probably more things that I haven’t had a chance to get to yet. I’m a one-woman show. You name it, I’ve tried it. I think the only thing I’m bad at is cooking.

Through my struggles and my accomplishments, I hope to show women out there how to say “f*** you” to everyone who thinks you’re supposed to look, speak, act a certain way to be considered cool or in “style.” Follow your own heart, create your own style and be your own person.

At the end of the day, if I have inspired someone or have affected them in a positive way, that makes me the happiest person in the world and it makes all my work worthwhile.

Thank you for taking the time to check out my site.Transformation


54 thoughts on “About Me

  1. i must say i’m very impressed. your image is very congruent and it’s delivery is executed with the same delivery. my name’s lucho, i’ve been reco’d ur site from a friend who mentioned that you know some of the same people i kno. i’m a designer my self, if you ever need anything as far as making clothes or whtever, please contact me whenever.
    the name of my line is BOLIVARES. i’m a designer based out of nY, have my studio in BK. thought it be dope to reach out and big u up for sure. keep doing ur thing mama, very impressed.

    salud, dinero y amor,


  2. Wow sorry to hear that.. I always visit your blog. I love your style and I love that you love life and you go out and get what you want! If people have to stoop as low as to imitate you, then girl you are doing something right!stay sweet and fab!

  3. Just wanted to say I think you are an amzing young woman. I have two young daughters and I am trying to raise them to have the mentality you have…follow the beat of your own drum and f… everyone else. If they don’t get you, then you’re doing something right. I want them to live beyond what people expect them to be and I always show your pics to them and read your bio to them so they know that mommy is not just talking out the side of her head. Keep doing what you’re doing and don’t ever let anyone get in your way. LIVE LIFE LOUD!!!!

  4. Forgot to mention..if you’re ever inspired to try your clothing ideas on little girls…I’ve got two I will volunteer to you!! (lol)

  5. V.V.- What a long strange trip from my Harley here on the southcoast of Maine to your blog.It all started when I googled ‘bayrum bodywash’. After checking out about a million websites,I ended up at Glamma Rays. Out of boredom I followed some links and Vio’la-here I am. The miracles of modern science! I don’t make a habit of replying to websites,but your zest for life is infectious.I wish you and your group of friends much success.I’m no fashion fan or expert,the few things we probably only have in common is leather jackets,tshirts,and cowboy boots. Go get’em girl! What a strange and fascinating world this web thing is…Best of luck in your lifes journey,from one of the few billion people on this planet you’ll never meet but wish you well as a fellow human being.

  6. V.V.- I’m a biker from Maine,the only things we probably have in common is leather jackets,jeans and boots.Thru this modern miracle called the internet,you and I meet.I googled ‘bayrum bodywash’,(even bikers like to smell good-most anyway!) found GlamaRays,followed your thread out of curiosity and here we are.As one of the several billion people on this planet you’ll never meet,I wish you well-one human to another.Your zest for life,your ability to see what you want and the balls to reach out and grab it comes through in spades.Here’s to success in all you do,go get’em girl!

  7. Sorry ’bout that.My computer jammed and I thought the first reply didn’t get out.I shortened it and re-sent it.You get my meaning.Have a great life,and I’ll quit being a ‘Blog-Hog’.:)

  8. Folks, SUPPORT SUPPORT SUPPORT this woman because in these days it is hard to find someone so beautiful & I am not just talking about her outside appearance. V.V. has a soul that angels envy. She’s honest, up-front & 100% a real woman. :-)

  9. I came across your link on tumblr today & was curious to check your site out (your name caught my attention) and I must say… I ABSOLUTELY LOVE your blog!!! it’s awesome! I will definitely keep checking for updates. I am also a fan of thrift shopping! I love searching for stuff (usually in the village)

    anywho, props on the site!
    you go girl :)

  10. Gosh! I admire you so much! I love your whole blog! I love to dress up, and really don’t feel like me when I’m not, hopefully one day I’ll have the confidence to wear what I truly want (but living where I am doesn’t help).
    Keep it up.
    Gecko. x

  11. Waw ! Your blog really impressed me. I love your style and your way of thinking ! Just admire the whole thing.. Keep it up.

  12. Quick question.. I am always struggling to find the perfect red lipstick, and since we seem to have the same skin tone I was wondering what brand&color you use?


  13. Love your Blog!! Now is in my top 5!

    Quick question… Do you have any advice for a fashion lover like myself on where the best places or locations to look for vintage dresses? I try and always end up with nothing :(
    I think I am in the wrong places.

    Any help would help!


  14. Please tell me that youre likely to keep this up! Its so good and thus important. I cant wait to read more from you. I just seem like you realize a lot and know how to make people pay attention to that which you need to say. This blog is simply too cool to become missed. Great stuff, truly. Please, PLEASE keep it up!

  15. Hi, I would like to know if is possible to have you as a personal shopper but I am in Spain.
    Do you have any ideas for making this work???
    I love what you choose and buy.
    I have never seen someone to get such a cheap clothes that look so good!Congratulations with your work.You are someone to admire!
    Good luck with everything and please, let me know how can we work this! Kisses from Spain!

  16. Just wanted to say YOU ARE AMAZING! Bravo! I love your free spirit and
    individuality! You are incredibly beautiful, talented and smart, young

    I feel like we are very much alike in a ” black sheep ” sense : ) Embracing the ” black ” ; )

    Anyway, I’m now following your blog! : ) you can read more about me HERE

    I hope I’ll be wearing my next vintage black dress with a ” V.V ” label on
    it ; )

    PS — ALL the clothes I were are also from Salvation Army, Crossroads and
    American Vintage .. even those dresses I wore to the biggest red carpets
    in Hollywood … ; )

    love & light,


  17. I just wanted to say I absolutely adore ur style. I’m so glad i stumbled upon this page because I think I’m in love lol. Anyway I just wanted to know where I can find the swimsuit u are wearing in ur cover photo or one just like it. Ive been dying to find a good looking vintage swimsuit but they’re hard to come across. Can you help me please? I would really appreciate it.

  18. I came across a black and white picture of you via Facebook and right off the bat it reminded me of “Britches” off of the movie The Wild One. The vintage look had me at first glance but the rebelness behind it is firme..ORALE! An acquaintance led me here and said she had met you at viva. After further reading your script, you sound a lot like the greatest personality I know….ME =) The mind never at ease but “Always running” I could never stay in just one genre myself whether it is my taste in music, fashion, hobbies and most of all the felines lol Great page darling. A great find this lovely cold but Sunny Califas dia. OH and my prayers your way because I know that hurricane was a monster desgraciadamente =/.


  19. Great style and attitude. Nice to see a real woman who knows how to inspire others. I didn’t see any place where someone could purchase your designs. I know some of the articles said you were an aspiring designer, Is there or will there be a online site to purchase?

  20. I also follow up on IG and had asked about how you got into doing what you are doing. you are such an inspiration not only to me but I think a lot of other women who do “fit” societies idea for us. I love your style and I would love to meet you in person one day.

  21. Hello, just Love your style. randomly came across your page while looking for information on a friend who recently passed, Mr Michele Savoia. We found out he passed just today, and was just looking back in reflection. He would’ve loved your style as well.
    Sincerely, Troi

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