A woman who wears many hats!

The other day I was shot by photographer Jeff Fried for Manhattan Magazine while walking around soho. I am not sure if my image will make the magazine but I am happy I can at least include these photos in this post. I recently got my hands on this vintage hat at a flea market the other day and have been dying to wear it, so it was the inspiration behind the rest of my outfit. I also wanted to feel like a woman from Cuba in the 1960s  so that was part of the inspiration as well. Getting ready for Fall I went into some of my trunks and took out all of my pants. I found a black pair of trousers I bought at Buffalo Exchange and I put them on with a cute vintage top I bought at the Salvation Army. I also wore these new Steve Madden Gretta shoes I recently purchased at Macy’s that reminded me of Carmen Miranda’s shoe collection. I love patterns so I also incorporated snake-skin within my outfit with some vintage snake-skin button earrings, a snake-skin bangle, and a snake-skin clutch from the 80s. I changed it up a bit when it started to get a little nippy out and wore a vintage spotted jacket with a vintage sweater clip I snagged at Billy’s Antiques. I love when an outfit turns out perfect so easily. I was comfortable, feeling good, and alll me.Love my new shoes!
I wear high-waisted everything, it’s just what I prefer for my shape and in regard to my favorite era.I also love my vintage top, just the construction of it makes me swoon.

Below are shots I took with my own camera, they aren’t as good as Jeff’s lolol!This is the light jacket I wore that night with my new vintage sweater clip I snagged at Billy’s.
How often do you find sweater clips with a pendant? The other side actually has initials but I like this side better.8I bought this clutch at the Salvation Army when I was in H.S and have had it ever since. It goes perfectly with my vintage bangles and ring I got at Billy’s.

Thank you Jeff Fried for taking such great photos!

Now lets cross our fingers and hope I make the magazine ;)

To see more of Jeff’s work click here!


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9 thoughts on “A woman who wears many hats!

  1. Those pants are KILLER! I’d wear high waisted everything if I could find it more easily. I’ve got several things, but it’s definitely a trend that you have to hunt for — or get lucky when thrifting. :-)

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