American Shapewear products by Rago!

is a terrific brand dedicated to making a woman look and feel great with control-undergarments that are actually SEXY. How many of you women out there wear spanx and think “ugh this is terrible looking, imagine if my boyfriend saw me in this? he’d run for cover!”. We have all been there and that is why American Shapewear products by Rago is the best solution to your unflattering spanx problem. The Rago collection is full of great vintage inspired undergarments that suit women of every color, shape, and size. American Shapewear has created beautiful, high–quality body shaping garments for over 50 years, they’ve developed and engineered sewing techniques and fabric constructions to produce lovely, exceptional, and high–performing support garments. If you are a vintage lover like myself, this is more than good news. How many of us have questioned what those curvy small waisted women were wearing in the 1940’s and 50s? This is your answer. The Rago products can bring a woman down 2 sizes and give you lift and tone where you need it the most! Feel proud, confident, voluptuous, and sexy but comfortable in your clothes. It’s true: your underwear can make or break your outfit, creating a smooth, seamless look, with no more panty lines, bulges, or awkward bunchiness. American Shapewear has earned their reputation for providing unique original designs that feature the best materials, excellent workmanship, and traditionally fine fit — at retailer friendly prices.

This is the Body Briefer Firm Shaping dress. Imagine having your boyfriend see you in this? He’ll never know its a control-dress!

This is the Upper Body Firm Shaping long line Bra. This is perfect if you want to tighten your waist while wearing a comfortable bra!

This is the High Waisted Firm Shaping Panty Brief. Not only does it tighten the waist but it gives you a great silhouette!

This is the Open Bottom Girdle Extra Bottom Shaping skirt. If this wasnt see-through I would totally wear this one out! lol

Photography by: Lane Bensen – Bunny Lane Photography :

MUA/Wardrobe Styling: Me

Hairstylist: Joshua Carillo

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Happy Holidays!


5 Comments on “American Shapewear products by Rago!

  1. Nice product review and pictures. I’m browsing the website now, and looks like I’ll be making a purchase. Great job, Jasmin, and hello, American Shapewear!


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